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The Whiskeys of the World

The Whiskeys of the World

Whiskey is a famously popular beverage that can be found worldwide across all sorts of pubs, bars and clubs.  Whiskey originated in Scotland where it was first produced in small distilleries.  Once the Industrial Revolution arrived, distilleries grew into companies and whiskey began to be introduced to other countries.  Since then the alcoholic beverage has been produced in multiple countries ranging from Ireland to Japan.  With simple ingredients of barley, water and yeast the process of whiskey-making goes through various stages of malting and fermentation that create the familiar smooth taste.  To help you on your cultural whiskey adventure, The Luxury Travel Guide has picked out some of the best across the globe.
Scotland: Johnnie Walker Black Label
One of the various blends created from the famous Scottish distillery, this whiskey has been crafted with years of experienced skill.  Mixed from a blend of 40 whiskies, Johnnie Walker Black Label offers a fantastic taste of bourbon with rich, aromatic flavours.  Presented in a traditional square bottle, the appearance of the whiskey invokes sophistication and style and the warmth it leaves you will tempt you to another glass.  A versatile drink that can be enjoyed neat or mixed, you can be guaranteed this is one of the best.
Japan: Suntory Whiskey Kakubin
Another packaged in a square bottle, added with an interesting tortoise shell pattern, Kakubin is an iconic drink as it was one of the first popular Japanese whiskies created.  This is a great blend that offers a lighter taste to its local custom to give them access to great-tasting whiskey.  A popular way to enjoy this liquor is in a cocktail called “Kaku Highball” which is a mixture of Kakubin and sparkling water.  This drinks offer a refreshing way to taste the authentic flavours of Kakubin.
United States of America: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey 
A classic bourbon, cherished across the globe and has earned famous admirers including Frank Sinatra, Jack Daniel’s is very popular for its superb taste.  The process for this unique flavour is altered in that the whiskey goes through a stage of soaking through charcoal before its matured.  The addition of this step has created an individual flavour to the drink that’s sweet and authentic that appeals to countless whiskey-lovers.  Enjoyed either neat or mixed, Jack Daniel’s is a truly refined drink that has earned its top position.
Ireland: Jameson Irish Whiskey
Originally produced in Dublin, Jameson Irish Whiskey has grown to become Ireland’s most famous whiskey, inside a distinctive green-coloured bottle.  First created in 1780, this too has a different way of being processed in that it is triple distilled, which gives the whiskey its iconic flavour, full of spicy undertones.  With a fruity aroma, this smooth drink can be enjoyed best to drink neat and gives an appealing appearance with a light colour.  This whiskey offers you a great experience of flavourful, strong Irish whiskey.
Canada: Canadian Club Whiskey
First created in 1858, the Canadian Club Whiskey provides a spicy, aromatic taste to its whiskey and has grown popularity from when it was served in American gentlemen clubs.  During the process, the whiskey ages in used barrels that has already been soaked in the whiskey.  This helps give the whiskey an enhanced flavour that helps provide the prefect warmth.  It can be enjoyed in a range of different mixed drinks, including the Triple C which has ingredients of Canadian Club Whiskey and cranberry juice. 

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