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Time to Sparkle

Time to Sparkle

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or simply an opportunity to treat yourself, updating your jewellery box is the perfect way to be on trend with the most sophisticated accessories available. The Luxury Travel Guide offers an insight into the most exquisite pieces on the market – but with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you’d best move quickly!
Impeccable Style for Sophisticated Women
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend indeed.  Timeless, classic and feminine, these pieces are sure to brighten up anyone's jewellery box.
The Astoria Bracelet, Art Deco
Price - £450
Product code - SKU: 3156
Diamond Butterfly Brooch, Tiffany & Co.
Price on Request
Product code – not specified
Knot Key Pendant, Tiffany & Co.
Price - £ 2,600
Product code – not specified
Starburst Eternity Ring, Astley Clarke                             
Price - £3,950
Product code – D34117
Frost Drop Earrings, Swarovski by Vincent Van Duysen,_Atelier_Swarovski_by_Vincent_Van_Duysen.html
Price - £349
Product code – 5141857
Men and the Art of Accessorising
The two accessories that define the level of refinement and class of a man are the precision of his watch and quality of his wallet.  To complete your fashionable modern man image, top all off with the latest tendencies in stylish bracelets, cufflinks and rings.
Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Automatic Watch, Hublot
Price - £23,000
Product code – SKU 55608
Breguet Classique White Gold Self Winding Watch, Breguet
Price - £16,900
Product code – SKU 58539
Chain Link Ring, L’Eclaireur, Ugo Cacciatori
Price - £4,557.73
Product code – 10170235
“Great Alexander” Pendant Necklace, Jewellery Atelier, Gavello
Price - £4,595.10
Product code – 10444336
Medusa Square Cufflinks, Versace,en_GB,pd.html&cgid=243000#!%3Fprefn1%3Dsale%26prefv1%3Dfalse%26i%3D1%26color%3DD00O
Price - £210
Product code – DG75381-DJMT D00O 

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