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Top tips to avoid travel booking fraud

Top tips to avoid travel booking fraud

In the light of the recent media reports including the BBC1 television programme Rip Off Britain – Holidays regarding online holiday fraud in the UK coming to a staggering 2.2 million pounds in 2014, Travel Club Elite were as shocked as many to see such a huge total. With over 1,500 people ‘conned’ out of an average of £900, it’s a damning statistic that would rightly strike fear into the holiday maker when booking online.A good Travel Agent can book all your requirements that include cabins, wheels, wings or beds! They can book single people through to large groups including Stag & Hen weekends contrary to the BBC1 television programme.

Travel Club Elite have prepared a guide to help you beat those scammers, and ensure your next holiday is booked without the worry that your accommodation could ‘disappear’.

Don’t compromise what should be one of the highlights of the year, for the (possible) sake of a few pounds. As I often ask my friends, ‘Would you drill your own teeth, or service your own car?’ A bit extreme, maybe, but booking travel is best left in the hands of the experts, for the best outcome & experience.

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