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Top Tips When Travelling by Air

Top Tips When Travelling by Air

By Saadia Sharif

Flying has become an essential part of trips abroad and can seem relatively straightforward to seasoned travellers. However, travelling via plane can often be stressful if you’re unfamiliar with flying or find it a daunting experience. The following tips can help to alleviate some of the worries you may have.

1. While packing for a flight it is important to remember the restrictions of airport security. Research banned or limited items if necessary and pack accordingly - this will save both you and airport staff time. It may be inconvenient to move things from your carry-on luggage to your checked luggage, but it is better than having your possessions confiscated during security procedures.
2. In addition to restricted items, don’t forget weight limitations too! These can differ between airlines, so make sure that you check the rules of the airline that you’re flying with as it may not be the same as another airline that you’ve flown with previously.  If you can, weigh your luggage at home instead of waiting until you arrive at the airport. Allow a margin for error between the maximum weight limit and your case’s actual weight, as your scales may have a slight difference to those at the airport. By having an idea of what your case weighs, you are saved from the horror of realising that you’re over the weight limit when you’re at the airport.
3. If you’re abroad for only a handful of days, why not consider travelling with just carry-on luggage? Not only does this allow you to complete your journey faster without having to wait at baggage reclaim, it reduces the risk of your possessions being stolen or damaged.
4. Checking in can often be one of the biggest stresses when flying. To ensure that your check-in goes smoothly, remember to have all of the necessary documents with you and to hand. It is advisable to carry a folder or documents wallet to keep these items together and make your check-in easy.
5. Are you a nervous flyer? While flying can be a fun experience for some, it can be a nightmare for others. Jet lag and travel sickness are common when travelling via plane, but there are remedies that can help. To overcome jet lag, try to adjust to the time zone of your destination as quickly as possible. For example, if your flight touches down at 9am local time, push through the day and stay awake until at least the evening so that your body clock can acclimatize.
Travel sickness has a range of tablets that can offer some relief, but while they prevent sickness they can often make you feel drowsy or nauseous. A surprisingly simple cure is ginger.  Sweets containing ginger can easily be found, are gentle on the stomach.
6. Sitting down for so long on a flight can feel uncomfortable for some. To reduce this, dress comfortably by choosing clothes that aren’t restrictive but instead allow to you move freely, especially if you plan on sleeping during your flight. The climate while travelling via plane can also fluctuate. Generally it is quite cold on a flight, but if you are flying to a hotter country you will feel stifled once you exit the plane. Wear items that can be taken off if necessary such as a sweater with a thinner shirt underneath, and loose fitting trousers.
These tips should help you to travel with ease, and don’t forget to sit back and relax!

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