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Transform Your Vacation Home to Become the Ultimate Getaway and Income Property

Transform Your Vacation Home to Become the Ultimate Getaway and Income Property

Vacation homes are the best choice when it comes to enjoying a destination. They allow you to return again and again and to truly make a connection with the town, city, or area they are in. You can make friendships, and learn the local specials. When you want to jet off somewhere else, day trips are an excellent option. When you have a vacation home, you have two homes instead of one, but you also have a means to make an extra income. Rent your property out when you aren’t there, and you’ll help pay off the mortgage or give you a little extra. To make the most of both your time on vacation, and money back on your property, however, you need to transform it. Follow these tips to make the most of your property, today:
1. The More Charm, the Better
Vacation homes are typically chosen due to their proximity to a location that you find absolutely charming. That’s because you don’t need to worry about where the best school is, or if there are enough connections to work. You choose a vacation home because it has the lifestyle you wish you could have, typically in a beautiful location. Increasing the charm of your property to better suit the neighborhood is a great way to enjoy the property more, and bring in more guests when you aren’t there.
2. Make Use of Its Strengths
If your property has an amazing view or is on the beach, make use of this strength. For instance, install luxury outdoor kitchens to maximize the strength of its view (and its warm weather). Whatever the strength of your vacation home is, focus on it, and make that strength a huge selling point.
3. Durable Furniture and Decorating Tips
When you do rent out your property for the majority of the year, however, you don’t want to run the risk of damaging antique or expensive furniture. Instead, find durable options that you can decorate with that will give you the comfort and design you want, with the toughness that is needed when many people live there. Use museum wax or other melding tricks to hold down decorations and paintings as well, more to protect them from being knocked over rather than stolen.
Tip: Rent out a storage unit or build one on your property so you can store your personal belongings there. That way you can have your holiday home and provide a clean and professional property for your renters.
4. Renting Your Property Out When It’s Not There
There are so many options to rent your property out. If you aren't nearby to manage the property, however, you will have to hire someone local to do that work for you. Once you have someone to manage your vacation home, you can list it on a number of sites, and start seeing the visitors pour in.
You will love your vacation property, and you’ll be able to rent it out at a premium. Using these tips, you can enjoy the best of both, and enjoy all the benefits your vacation home can offer. 

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