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Travel Through Your History: Get to Know Your Heritage and See the World This Summer

Travel Through Your History: Get to Know Your Heritage and See the World This Summer

Traveling with your kids is a great way to teach them about the world, and to gain the precious memories that make life worth living. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are – there are benefits for children to travel at any age, so long as their health and safety are accounted for. If you want to take your travels to the next level, however, you need to give them purpose. The notion of a pilgrimage is a sacred one, but you can carry out your own version of a pilgrimage by searching through your history. Go to the places your grandparents lived. Trace your history back and see it for yourself, and you’ll learn more about the world, and about yourselves. Follow these steps to start planning your travel through history this summer:
1. Find Your Family Heritage

The first step that you will need to take on this journey is, of course, to find your family history. Start with your family members, conduct interviews, find old documents, diaries, and so on. Once you have that information you can then start to search obituaries, newspapers, and other records that you can find online. All this will help you create a journey through history, and it will also help your children learn key skills like researching, problem solving, and interviewing.
2. Plot Your Destinations 
Once you have enough of your family’s history to get you started, you can start to plot your destinations. Depending on how spread out your family is, of course, will determine whether you can do your whole journey at once or if you will need to spread it out through a few visits. Either way, plot them, and plan your route from there.
3. Learning About Your History
Before you go, however, you should do a bit more research. Learning about personal stories is one thing, but learning about the cultural and historical backdrop to these stories can really help you understand the motivations, actions, and personalities of your family. This is a great learning opportunity for you, and for your kids, and can be just as fun as unearthing the mystery of your family history.
4. Tips for The Journey 
When you finally do go, there are a few tips you should know to make the journey go smoothly. The first it to be sure that your children are ready to go. Trips to small villages that don’t have a lot of “fun” things to do can quickly get boring for young children, and similarly dragging around a teenager who does not want to go can be frustrating. Instead, wait for a time where they are willing, eager, and mature enough to go on the journey. If that means waiting until they are adults, and perhaps are thinking of starting their own family, then that’s what you should do. 
Traveling through history and visiting places that aren’t culturally important as much as they are personally important is a great way to travel. Not only will you see more local areas of the world, you’ll also be able to trace personal stories of the people who came before you. 

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