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Travel Trends to look forward to in 2018

Travel Trends to look forward to in 2018

By Saadia Sharif

With this year steadily approaching its end, many travellers are looking to plan their holidays for 2018. But as holidaymakers prepare to take off, which travel trends are set to take off too in the next year?

A resurgence in family vacations has seen multigenerational trips become more common

Since 2010, travelling with loved ones has risen in popularity and the top family destinations for 2018 include Mexico, Florida, and Costa Rica.  Mexico is home to serene beaches in the relaxing resorts of Cancun, whereas Florida provides an action-packed holiday with a wide selection of amusement parks that are perfect for families.  Costa Rica offers a middle ground between the two – with a variety of national parks there’s something suitable for every age.

Indulge in your sense of adventure

According to, 82% of people are looking to visit at least one more destination on their travel bucket list within the next year, so why not make it a country you’ve never been to before? Destinations with a colder climate have seen an increase in visitors as they greatly differ to the traditional sunny getaway that has become so common amongst holidaymakers. Iceland is expected to gain popularity after its exposure on the US TV show Game of Thrones but it is also an excellent location to witness the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Let your curiosity run wild and explore a new country!

There’s no place like home

For more seasoned travellers, certain locations can become particularly special over the years. These places can often feel like a home away from home in the form of childhood favourites and nostalgia. 2018 is the perfect year to revisit some of those memories - and perhaps add to them too.

Discover nature!

Taking care of the environment is beginning to make an impact on travellers’ decisions and many are choosing to visit conservation parks in order to help preserve wildlife. South Africa has quietly blossomed as more and more people are realising its natural beauty. Visit Kruger National Park to marvel at the native animals of South Africa such as lions and elephants, or Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden to take in the flora.

These trends are expected to fly high in 2018 so make sure to keep them in mind when planning your travels for the coming year!

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