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Travelling for Treatment: Why Medical Tourism Is On The Rise

Travelling for Treatment: Why Medical Tourism Is On The Rise

With medical treatment being free in the United Kingdom, you may wonder why people are travelling abroad in search for similar cures. However, a lot of people are opting for hair transplant Turkey because cosmetic surgery abroad has a number of benefits, so let’s take a closer look at why medical tourism is on the rise and why patients are choosing to travel for treatment.

Packages Are Available

If you opt for treatment overseas for hair transplants or cosmetic surgery, the companies conducting the procedures often provide packages including accommodation, transfers and the surgery, which are great ways of enticing patients to purchase treatment abroad. Many see the opportunity for a break and a chance to travel to another county. What’s more, many reliable companies ask customers to stay in the country a week or so after in case any incidents occur from the procedure which will require instant attention.

Treatment Is More Affordable 

For those living in countries such as America where health care and cosmetic surgery comes at a rather large price, opting to travel abroad for such treatment has appeared to be beneficial in saving many people a lot of money.
For example, dental work is exceptionally cheaper overseas in countries such as Thailand and India, in addition to hip replacements, breast augmentations and spinal fusions. As well as offering significantly lower prices, hospitals abroad will provide prices upfront and any quotes for treatment, which allows the patient to make an informed decision about the surgery. With there being fewer to no hidden costs, there are no unexpected surprises!

Expect A Better Service

Another reason why medical tourism is on the rise is due to the better service that hospitals abroad offer. If you travel for your treatment, you will be escorted to collect medication or see another doctor, opposed to just being told.
Due to work schedules being less and easier, doctors in foreign countries have more time with each patient, so people don’t feel hurried along. For those that are required to stay overnight in a hospital, you will be met with excellent sleeping accommodation, which will help to reduce any stress or worries that you may have in regards to your health and treatment.

Better Quality

Although the treatment is cheaper, the quality of it is still much better than in some home countries. Many think that the best doctors in developing countries travel abroad themselves to further their career. However, this isn’t always the case. When you visit another country for your medical treatment you will be greeted by a highly qualified doctor, who speaks excellent English to allow you to feel truly at ease before you undergo any surgery.
More Availability

Overseas there are less people on waiting lists, so patients can receive surgery a lot quicker, which is ideal for those in a lot of pain or who have been waiting in their own country for treatment for a while.

In some cases, you can actually receive the treatment on the same day as you land in the country, which is immensely helpful and efficient for everyone involved.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why medical tourism is on the rise and are likely to continue in this way into the future. The majority of patients that travel abroad for treatment and surgery tend to be those who have to pay an extortionate amount for healthcare in their own country. Those who live in England generally opt for medical tourism for cosmetic surgery.

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