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Valentine’s Proposals: Cartier Does It Best

Valentine’s Proposals: Cartier Does It Best

By Arali McGrath

Running three beautifully crafted story lines in their latest advertisement, Cartier is the epitome of elegance and beauty in contemporary situations. The six minute clip was directed by British film director Sean Ellis in the “City of love – Paris.”

All intertwined in some small way, you will see: The lady in red who seemingly gets stood up and is (understandably!) peeved. A married couple due to be separated for 6 months and also a bit of hide and seek for the loved up couple in The Rodin Museum.

One of the challenges of this Valentine’s Day features a young man in the predicament of being late, trying to chase the elevator which holds his dream date.  However, when the clips are entitled “Proposal in the museum,” “Proposal in the elevator” and the “Proposal at the airport,” it is acceptable for the viewer to nurture confidence that the ending will be a beautiful one not reminiscent of the beginning!

Cartier take the time to emphasise their belief of Valentine’s Day being a day of love and romance not reserved just for new couples, but also a celebration of marriage. At the airport, perhaps the most poignant of all three stories, we see a heart melting proposal from a husband who picks the moment just before his wife is due to board her flight to propose a second time. Producing the Iconic red Cartier box which we have all expectantly waited for!

The advertisement features: a Cartier Destinee, a Trinity Ruban and a baguette-cut diamond wedding band which adorn the fingers of the three beautiful brides-to-be.

Inspiration enough for anyone preparing for Valentine’s Day. 

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