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Where To Eat And Drink In Paris

Where To Eat And Drink In Paris

It’s hardly any secret that Paris is a bona fide nirvana for foodies. Home to many of the best restaurants in the world, the most overwhelming thing about eating in Paris is typically choosing where to spend your limited time chowing down. Well, if you’re wondering where to eat in Paris, we’ve done the hard work of narrowing down the deluge of options for you. From charming old-school Parisian bistros to cool outfits dedicated to seasonal market freshness, here are our top 10 must-eat places in Paris right now.

Breakfast in Paris

Breakfast at a local café will run you around 10 euros. Much cheaper than a hotel breakfast, depending on where you are staying. The typical Parisian breakfast isn’t much more than a pastry and a coffee. You can find a decent set menu at a lot of the Parisian cafés. The breakfasts will include a pastry, juice, and coffee. If you want a bigger breakfast they will usually offer the same breakfast with the addition of eggs or yogurt. 

Claus - This is the Hot spot during Fashion Week so plan accordingly. There is a newly opened location on the Left Bank in St Germain.

Holy Belly - Order the Bourbon pancakes. I promise you will thank me. The line on the weekends can be long. Try to visit when they first open or try during the week. 

Café St Regis - This is a great place to grab breakfast when you just arrive in Paris if you are staying on île st Louis or on the weekend. 


A Late Brunch 

Big Love Café - The pancakes are out of this world good along with the French toast. There are no reservations. Arrive early or you might be out of luck. I lived upstairs so it was easy to put my name in. There are tons of places to explore in the neighborhood on a Sunday if there is a wait they will take your number. 

Dersou - There are no reservations for Brunch so expect a wait. The food is Asian inspired and not your typical brunch food. Still highly recommended. 

Fragments - Everyone raves about the avocado toast and I wasn’t disappointed. The space is small 

Holy Belly - Get the Bourbon pancakes. They are worth it! 


A Well Deserved Lunch Break 

Breizh - For sweet and savory crêpes. There is a new larger location in Odeon with outdoor seating or you can go to the original location in The Marais. Expect a wait on a Sunday for brunch.

Carette You can dine on the terrace or get sandwiches for takeaway and picnic in The Tuileries or nearby Place des Vosges. 

Café Charlot - This is the place to be for Happy Hour any day of the week for great people watching or on a Sunday for Brunch and beyond.

Claus - There is a takeaway restaurant across the way or dine in. This is a hot spot for Fashion week so plan accordingly with reservations. 

Daroco - The pasta is handmade and SO good. I had food envy when I saw the pizzas so you can’t go wrong either way. There is now one in the 16th arrondissement as well.

Hardware Societé  - A great option in Montmartre which can always be a challenge for good food. They don’t take reservations so try to plan an off time to visit for breakfast or lunch. 

Le Lulli - Tucked away behind The Louvre, I love this spot for lunch. Their prefix meal is a great value and the food is fantastic. 

Marcel - I love this spot in Montmartre. I have only sat outside on the terrace but I love the ambience and I keep dreaming about the Caesar salad. 

Pizza Chic – arrive right when it opens to secure a spot. Don’t miss the tiramisu! 


Dinner In The Worlds Most Romantic City 

Bisto Paul Bert - Classic French and so good. A must visit if you have the chance. Order off of the chalkboard menu and don’t miss out on the cheese plate at the end of the meal. 

Café Constant - A great spot for lunch or dinner. Don’t miss the roast chicken. It is a quick walk to the Eiffel Tower. After dinner you can watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle.

Chez André This is my go to spot close to the Champs-Élysée. I love the ambiance inside, it is romantic and old Paris. I could easily escape a cold Winter day or a rainy afternoon here. In the warmer months you can sit outside with a glass of rosé and people watch. 

Ellsworth - Don’t miss the fried chicken. They have great small plates to share. This is from the same owners as Verjus. 

Kunitoraya - This is in the First Arrondisement. They have great Udon and it is perfect for cold Winter days or rainy days. I love going here on a Sunday. There is typically a line but it moves pretty quickly.

L’Avant Comptoir - Standing room only but it is worth it. The menu hangs from the ceiling, be adventurous and try something new! I always have a great time here.

Le Comptoir Général - The original restaurant that L’avant Comptoir was based off of. The menu can be similar I have had the same dish both places. This one you will sit and eat. No reservations are taken so arrive right when the restaurant will open. 

Le Relais de l’Entrecote - They only serve Steak Frîtes and they do it so well. You will just have to order your steak how you like it and they take care of the rest. I have never had a bad meal here. There are no reservations so expect to wait in line outside. 

Big Mamma Group - If you are craving Italian which is pretty much me all the time. Check out the multiple restaurants by the Big Mamma Group. They are all over the city. Try the truffle pasta and the pizzas are great too. They don’t take reservations so arrive early. I recently ate here with 15 minutes to close and there was still a wait. It is worth it!

Semilla - I have eaten here twice and loved it. The fish dishes were better than the meat in my opinion. A great meal and highly recommended. 


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