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Why nomads choose Koh Samui

Why nomads choose Koh Samui

People have different ideas about that awesome lifestyle as a nomad in Thailand. However one thing is obvious-the majority recommends choosing Koh Samui as the best place to have an unforgettable rest and work at the same time. Today we will unveil some secrets why nomads choose Koh Samui as their workplace and ultimate journey destination for several weeks or months. 


The first thing that appeals to most independent travelers about Koh Samui is the beaches. They are cozy and comfy for everyone and for people of all age groups. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of people you are going to spend an exciting time on this island.  Chaweng, Lamai and Bophut are the main beaches to choose for your journey if you are a digital nomad.  Adventurous nomads prefer these beaches as they are very convenient for a long rest and though working schedule. The internet connection is good enough and you can take your laptop, stay under a huge palm tree, enjoy a cocktail and do your job. It’s all you dream about.


If you usually work at cafes and you want to do the same during your trip in Koh Samui then there is good news for you. This island offers a range of cafes with free WiFi and the fact is that the connection is fast enough for digital nomads. You can eat and work at the same place as well as enjoy the cool breeze coming from the sea, the sunset shining on the horizon or the exotic picturesque that keeps you so relaxed. This is a great idea especially for nomads who seek for a long rest and don’t have that opportunity to stop working for several weeks. Koh Samui launching bars, cafes and restaurants will fight your stress. As a reminder we tell you that there are cafes in Koh Samui that require paying for the internet access. So, make sure you know where you visit.


Actually, prices for accommodations in Koh Samui vary from cheap to pretty expensive. You can book either a simple condo at the beach or opt for a Samui house for rent on the top of the all depends on your expenses and desires. While some nomads like to spend their vacation in calm and peaceful atmosphere others find it more interesting to share their time with new friends in crowed places on the island. There are awesome hotels close to the craziest beach clubs and there are private accommodations near the calmest corners of the beaches. Try to do some research before your trip to find out the basic prices for a week or month at the desired accommodation. The costs vary from season to season. They are cheaper in rainy seasons and reach their top in summer. Book an accommodation online, with the help of a travel agent or just in place if you are sure you can do it right by yourself.

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