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Worldwide Rail Journeys announces new luxury tour of India

Worldwide Rail Journeys announces new luxury tour of India

Tom Unwin

Worldwide Rail Journeys announced today it will launch a new luxury train journey named “Unity Express” inspired by Modi’s vision to build a ‘Statue of Unity’ in Gujarat.

Home to one of the largest railway infrastructures in the world, India has a great potential for rail tourism. By taking advantage of this extensive infrastructure, there are huge profits waiting to be tapped into, alongside the undoubted environmental benefits of rail travel which will help promote ecotourism.

Worldwide Rail is promising a luxurious train with the best-in-class service on board where passengers can “experience the cultural tapestry of India”. Coaches will be decorated in line with themes of Indian states such as Punjab, Rajasthan, and West Bengal etc. Each coach will have separate cabins alongside full air conditioning, a dining car, lounge and on-board attendants ensuring passenger comfort throughout the journey.

 The journey has been planned in such ways that when the train arrives in any state, guests will be treated to local cultural shows involving folk traditions, dine on the best regional dishes and visit notable landmarks.

The Unity Express is still in the planning phase, with Worldwide Rail finalising the itinerary, tour duration and experiences included.

Launching in November 2015, the service will be offered aboard the existing Royal Rajasthan on Wheels train, but there are already plans afoot with luxury train producers to create a dedicated train for the journey.

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