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Zabosu Wants to Turn People into Remote-controlled Humans

Zabosu Wants to Turn People into Remote-controlled Humans

Tom Unwin

A pioneer in human-mediated telepresence technologies and marketplaces, today unveiled its revolutionary mobile technology that enables a person (a.k.a. the Director) to "take control" of another person (a.k.a. the Actor) anywhere in the world there is 4G cellular service. 

The Actor, or remote controlled human, streams live audio and video of their surroundings via their cell phone so the Director sees and hears everything going on around them. The Director also speaks to the Actor via their computer microphone and the Actor's mobile phone earpiece. The result is a human projection of the Director into the Actor's surroundings.

To find out more visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/780943604/remote-controlled-humans

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