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Best Business Apps

Best Business Apps

By Mark Johnson

Xero Accounting Software

An award winning accounting application designed for small businesses and their advisors.  Xero is a web-based accounting software tool which is very easy to use. 

Be updated about your business finances and cash flow, create real time reports as well as integrated invoicing for precision management.  The accounting application also allows you to import you bank transactions.  With Xero you can authorize anyone in your accounts team to collaborate on your figures thanks to the unlimited number of user logins. 

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a web-based CRM application, which gives you a 360-degree view of your sales, marketing, inventory, customer support and more.  Additionally, Zoho CRM offers integration with E-mail, MS Office and Outlook and Google Apps.  Your data is kept as safe as any bank.

USA Epay

If you're a mobile merchant, such as ecommerce businesses, software and hardware for mobile credit card transactions allow you to offer your customers the flexibility of paying with plastic.  USA ePay's iPhone app provides the added convenience of submitting transactions using your iPhone or iPod Touch.  You can manually enter credit card information for your transaction service, but the app is also compatible with PaySaber's card-scanning hardware.

USA ePay's iPhone app does more than just submit credit card transactions.  Its tracking features allow you to keep tabs on the day's sales, pending payments, returns, cancelled transactions and more.  You can set up products and inventory information from the iPhone, or simply sync the app with your existing product database.

Moprise Mobile Collaboration

If you use Sharepoint to store and manage documents then Moprise is an easy choice for viewing those documents to the iPad.  To set up just enter your Sharepoint URL, username and password and your done.  All your documents can now be viewed, edited and updated on an iPad.  The free personal version allows you to connect to 2 sites while the business addition is unlimited.

Wyse PocketCloud

With Wyse PocketCloud you can have the power of your desktop on your iPad.  There are many remote desktop applications but this is superb. It works with PC or Mac and configuration is really fast.  The free version will work for most people but pro gives you a document viewer that is very impressive.  It lets you browse folders and files on your PC in simple and intuitive way. 


View all your favourite blogs and online publications in one place with Flipboard, the social magazine for iPad.  There is a content guide for browsing sources and deep integration with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Create your own trade magazines from Linked in today and  stay on top of your industry with this award winning App.


If you do a lot of interface design work then you will love this app.  Using the included UI tools you can build mobile, web and desktop wireframes to nail down the functionality of your app before you write a single line of code.  The application interface is clean and intuitive and the app makes great use of gestures to navigate pages.

Custom tailed for iPad gestures, iMockups is the feel good tool for expressing new web ideas with simple wireframes.  it’s an easy to pickup wireframing tool that is accessible to both beginners and professionals.  If you want to design on the go, this is a must have application.


If you spend a great deal of time trying to map out your ideas this is for you.  Getting your websites, reports and training materials organized makes all the difference and you will find that with Simplemind+ you will be doing this straight for your iPad.

Unlike traditional pen and paper there is no limit to the size. You can expand/collapse subsections and re-arrange items with ease.  Best of this entire app is free so there is no reason not to give it a try.

Wolfram Alpha

Ever needed to find an answer to a random question like what is the population of Switzerland?  Or how many minutes are in a year?  Wolfram Alpha is the easiest way.  Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine, not a search engine.  Rather than crawl the web and give you back relevant sites like google, Wolfram Alpha gives you back an answer to your question.
SG Project

A key to meeting any deadline is good project management and SG Project makes it easy.  The Gnatt chart view is brilliant and provides you a snapshot of owners, percentage done, tasks, start/end dates and you can drill into any task/decision to get a detailed view.  Updating, adding and deleting is a breeze, making this a good learning platform for anyone new to project management.

Full time project managers will love that Microsoft Project XML files are supported but should opt for SG Project Pro, the more comprehensive professional version that gives you a more feature rich home page and more advanced options such as project risks and costs.  Both apps allow you to export any view or chart as a PDF and Dropbox support is coming soon.

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