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Best Travel Apps

Best Travel Apps

By Kelly Purple

With modern technology, there’s no reason why you can’t log on to your phone or tablet and immediately have a wide array of knowledge at your fingertips, even when you’re on the other side of the globe.  Travelling doesn’t have to be difficult, so here are 7 great apps designed to make your trip a walk in the park. 
Trip Advisor
Have limited time and need to decide which attraction to visit, or have landed in a foreign country and need to know which hotels are the best to stay at? Look no longer.  The world’s premier crowd review site for hotels and attractions is now available as an app, so you’ll have access to thousands of reviews from other travellers within seconds of loading it up, enabling you to make an informed decision.  Read Trip Advisor official city guides and add reviews of your own for visitors after you as well.  Available as mobile or tablet versions. 
Plan your next vacation with the Expedia app, a condensed version of the popular package site bringing you the best deals on flights, hotels and activities.  The new itineraries feature allows you to log in to a saved trip and check flight times, airport maps and add on extras like car hire.  Look out for daily deals for amazing hotel offers, and sort your search results via price, location or best rated hotels. 
FlightHero Pro
Whether you’re on your way to the airport for your own trip or if you’re anxiously waiting at home for a loved one to land, take some of the pressure off flight guesswork with FlightHero Pro.  Track planes, receive real-time flight information and even check if there are traffic delays on your route to the airport.  The app recognises well over ten thousand airports worldwide and refreshes regularly so you’re always up to date. 
One of the most popular weather apps available is the AccuWeather app, and is a must-have for both novice and seasoned travellers alike.  New features include notifications for severe weather and forecasts for snow, ice and thunderstorms across the globe.  The home-screen widget allows you to see the forecast for your location without even opening the app, with a 5-day anticipated weather report to allow you to plan out your trip.  Don’t wait until you arrive to check the weather! 
XE Currency
A must for travelling to foreign countries, XE features live, current exchange rates and lets you convert prices back to your own currency so you can indulge in a little retail therapy knowing you’re getting a good deal.  Never worry about being ripped off again, whether you’re converting before you buy something or planning ahead to work out how much money you’ll need to take on your trip with you. 
Food Spotting
The food spotting app is ideal for the expert traveller with an idea of exactly what they want to eat that night.  The app has an innovative map feature that lets users locate not just restaurants, but specific dishes as well, within the area that they are currently.  It’s an ideal tool to use in a foreign country if you don’t know what’s around, and can help overcome language barriers since you won’t have to ask for recommendations. 
Four Square
Four Square is a popular app to use in conjunction with social media, and can help you draw a virtual map of where you’ve been in the world as you “check in” to places and leave your virtual footprint.  Share your location with friends on social networking sites and earn loyalty vouchers and discounts if you visit one place often enough.
The apps are available on both Android and iOS formats, from the Google Play site or the Apple App Store online.  A fee may apply for premium versions of the applications.  

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