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How To Use Social Networking Websites To Your Advantage

How To Use Social Networking Websites To Your Advantage

By Rohini Makwana

Using social networking websites is now a remarkable way to market yourself as well as your company.  Not only are they a fantastic way to enhance your online presence but having a profile  makes you more approachable, not just to those in your area but all around the world.  Social networking websites are a more useful marketing advantage for a company because they can engage in market relations with the aim of creating an opportunity for transactions, and at the very least gain popularity. 
LinkedIn has an online network of approximately 30 million professionals across the world, representing 150 industries.  This number is vastly increasing.  This is a fantastic way to stay connected with professionals and an in-expensive way to get your company or organisation known on a much bigger scale with considerably less hassle.  You can also use LinkedIn to efficiently discover events, articles and find out what other professionals are saying that are relevant to you. 
With over 536 million active users’ world wide, Facebook is the most popular social networking website in most of the world’s countries.  What is even more astonishing is that this is popularity is growing day by day.  Consequently Facebook is now huge marketing tool.
Having a profile, group and fan page is the most common ways to get known because consumers prefer a ‘personal’ relationship with the advertiser rather than having something directly sold to them.  Once your fan page has 25 or more likes you can register to have a personal URL; making you look considerably more professional and easier for others to find.  Another advantage of Facebook is that consumers can personally interact with you and your company or organisation, which has proven to be a highly successful marketing strategy. 

However, make sure that your personal page is set to private as this will prevent competitors or employees delving into your private life.
Twitter is a fantastic way to immerse in topics with similar people and companies in a more personal manner, and it is an agent of peace and global connection, not to mention a more efficient way of reading popular articles and topics of interest.  In other words Twitter is a social networking website on steroids.  Twitter is more common to post personal opinions on subjects and articles as well as read about them; therefore it’s a fantastic and efficient way to keep track of what others are saying about you and your company in real time, and respond to this information.   Starting a trend related to your business or organisation is an incredible way to engage people in thoughts to do with your trend and become more known to a much wider audience. 
Blogs & Personal Websites
It is no secret that many of today’s businesses need a niche advantage in the online market to successfully stand out from competitors.  You can even apply this same principle to yourself.  Writing a blog has many individual advantages including: giving you and your company an online voice, giving the public another reason to be interested in you and you can post about anything that is significant to your audience. 
Blogging has the unique ability to suddenly give an online voice and showcase a personality.  This is because you can share topics of relevant interest to your consumer.  A blog can also be used as a daily journal for your audience to see and read; ultimately allowing the blog to have a greater online presence and personality.  Giving readers the option of commenting or quickly sharing the blog greatly increases interactivity and therefore is a common technique to direct traffic to your blog.  In hindsight blogging can be seen as the underdog of online marketing and can give a business and organisation the much needed branding power, when strategically used. 
Using each one of these social networking websites and writing a blog has individual advantages.  When used correctly they can give you a huge advantage in the marketing world and good online presence, which is even more important with the current economy.    

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