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Positive Energy within the Office

Positive Energy within the Office

By Hayley Ann Newnes

The prospect of returning to your office each and every day seems dull and tedious, which is not surprising as many people fail to ensure their work environment supports a positive energy.  Why not break that mould and create a positive hub, where you feel relaxed and happy knowing you are going to successfully perform each day.  There are a variety of ways in which you can create a positive work environment, and it can be of great importance when experiencing a job which contains a lot of pressure and occasional stress.  There have been a handful of advice and concepts designed in order improve your work environment, one being Feng Shui. 
Feng Shui is said to have a history consisting of thousands of years, and is used by many all around the world in order to create positive energy with amazing benefits.  Although your office is fulfilled with everything you need to complete your day to day job, your environment can neglect essentials which help improve your performance, and with the acknowledgment of Feng Shui, your office will become fully equipped. 
One simple but effective way to ensure your work place is immediately enhanced is the introduction of plants within the environment.  Plants are used within Feng Shui as they are said to absorb a large quantity of distractive energy and gradually produces a surge of positive vigour which will flurry through your office.  By placing a big, stable and smooth plant within your work place, preferably behind you, will create a strong and supportive energy behind your back, which can also be achieved by artworks of nature, such as mountain ranges.  It is also suggested that the corners of your office should contain a strong visual presence, for instance placing photos of family members or people who are close to you, within big frames and putting them in front of these corners, to make certain good energy is promoted. 
Working environments are overflowing with unnatural vibrations especially due to technology, these vibrations can generate negative energy therefore crystals are used throughout Feng Shui to compensate for this.  The most effective crystals that can be used within the work place consist of the white crystal; which helps you think clearly, the sky blue crystal; which enhances creativity plus communication skills and finally the yellow crystal; which delivers will-power, integrity and hard work.  All should be placed within the office, yet do not necessarily have to be on show to promote the benefits. 

It is also necessary to improve your air quality inside the office - that is why —Āonsider investing in an air purifier, which will help remove allergens and dust from air and boost your productivity.

Although it is important for yourself and your work colleagues to experience this positive energy, it is also crucial that clients and visitors are positivity influenced by this also.  A way you can ensure this is successfully achieved is by revitalising the entrance of your office, by guaranteeing there is lack of clutter, making certain the door can be easily opened and having a well-lit entrance.  The entrance to your office is a sub conscious representation to your business, and it is crucial that it portrays a declaration of welcoming. 
Apply these straightforward and effective techniques right away and enjoy the benefits, not only will you feel more motivated, you will successfully perform each job at hand, while feeling more at ease and content with your personal performance.  

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