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The Best Business Apps 2013

The Best Business Apps 2013

By Craig Talbot

The arrival of the smart phone has brought with it an endless number of apps designed to make life and work easier.  These range from remotely accessing your computer on the move to organising your expenses and new apps are being released all the time to help things run smoother.
If your trousers are being weighed down by something other than a pocket full of change then chances are your wallet is stacked with an endless supply of business cards.  CardMunch solves the dilemma of what to do with all of these important contacts.  The app captures the information on a business card and stores it on your phone without the monotonous task of typing in all the details manually.  Although there are similar time-saving apps out there, CardMunch tops the pile for its efficiency and accuracy.  A scan is sent to human transcribers who then return the relevant information.  With this app you can even set it up to add the contact straight into your phonebook as well as send an invitation on LinkedIn.  Although only currently supported by iOS the CardMunch app is soon set to be released for Blackberry.
Whether it is the traffic or the weather which is preventing you from getting to your office, GoToMyPC allows remote access to the desktop of your PC or Mac wherever you may be.  The app works in conjunction with a desktop version downloadable from the GoToMyPC website.  It is simple to use and shows the complete desktop when accessed from another device making it easy to access files and applications.  The app also allows you to hear sounds from the desktop, including music, through your phone or iPad.  Gesture controls such as a pinch can zoom in on the screen and a double tap acts like a double click.  A short cut can also be created through the app making access to your PC desktop quicker.  GoToMyPC was created by Citrex and works on Android, iPhone and iPad.
Keeping on top of business expenses can baffle even the best minds; however using Expensify the number crunching is made easy.  Expensify is a simple and easy way to keep track of business expenses without all the paper.  The app allows you to import transactions taken from a bank or credit card as well as keeping track of mileage and time.  Each section is broken into categories and tags ensuring that it is easily navigated.  Unlike your desk full of receipts, you can also use its SmartScan to import the expenditure and match to an imported bank card – guaranteeing that your app remains uncluttered and tidier than your average workstation.  Email receipts can also be imported by forwarding them to Expensify.  The app also lets you send unlimited reports or export them as a PDF. 
This iPad app is primarily aimed toward small businesses and entrepreneurs.  The app creates reports tailored to your specific business including financial reports, Gantt chart and a summery business plan.  Once you have created a plan it can then be sent to management and employees where you can monitor progress.  It also provides easy to follow tutorials to teach the basics of strategic planning for first-timers.  Stratpad V2, to be launched in 2013, will allow for plans to be synchronised across platforms.  The plan on your desktop will be automatically changed to look the same as the one altered on your iPad.
A file synchronisation app available on all platforms, Dropbox makes files accessible on the move or when working away from your office desktop. The latest version allows multiple file uploads into any folder in your Dropbox and with 2GB of space available there is no real limitations to the size of files you can upload. The app provides an efficient way of getting files to clients and offices securely. The company has now also launched Dropbox for Teams which syncs work across all devices putting an end to countless email attachment exchanges and making sure everyone has the latest version of documents. This simple app makes collaborating over distances extremely simple and new features are expected on the app to offer document previews before downloading saving time.
Round Up
These apps are just a few of the ones on offer that can help with everything from organisation to creating business plans.  Apps can be a great way of saving time and keeping everyone involved up to date with developments.

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