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The New BMW 3 Series- The Perfect Company Car?

The New BMW 3 Series- The Perfect Company Car?

By James Drakeford

Vehicles are significant investments for companies so when you decide which cars to bring in for yourself and employees it is important to find the right fit. The sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series may be the car that is for you. Not only is it high on the list for private buyers, but it is also the most sought-after company car. Why? Well, if you are a company owner looking for car that is a fantastic motorway cruiser with a premium badge, excellent fuel economy and pin-sharp handling, then you'll struggle to find anything better than the popular 320d. That’s the most efficient model in the line-up and we are certain any employee would be happy with the vehicle. It's not just the low emissions and impressive fuel economy figures that make this 3 Series extremely attractive though. In fact, this car has far more to boast about. It’s more spacious than its predecessor, the interior is classier than ever and the handling is better too - which is no mean feat. Rivals, like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the Audi A4 and the Infiniti G, will have their work cut out to match this new all-singing, all-dancing BMW. This 3 Series has laid down a marker for every other car in its class. It really is that good.

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