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Top destinations for food

Top destinations for food

One of the key reasons many people travel is to try the different food offerings at their destination of choice. Food lovers have an endless choice of incredible destinations around the world to choose from, which also means you can pick up some great deals due to the competitive nature of the market. Similar to the free spins for Starburst, that has proved a popular choice amongst many gaming players. Here we cover the top destinations for food in 2019.

  • Matera, Italy

Matera provides a uniquely preserved Cucina Povera cuisine. It is a stunning location for holiday makers and sits amongst beautiful towns and beaches. The remote location means it has a distinct food offering such as soups with black chickpeas and fennel flavoured Lucanian sausage. The restaurants have an memorable atmosphere sitting in cave dwellings around the city.

  • South Aegean, Greece

Greece continues to be a hugely popular destination of choice for holiday makers around the world. South Aegean is a perfect destination for a foodie with the Hellenic cuisine offering. This includes the likes of fresh octopus and sardines, as well fresh lamb and sheep’s cheese. There is also the incredible Aegean wine that cannot be missed.

This wine is fast putting the area of the map due to its popularity from around the world. 

  • Corsica, France

Another destination of fantastic choice for foodies. Corsica provides a unique mix of both French and Italian food cultures and the mountainous island has a large number of beautiful seafront restaurants to choose from. Some of the popular dishes include civet de sanglier, which is a wild boar stew. Other popular meat dishes include figatelli sausages and lamb roasted with whole garlic cloves. You can also take in fantastic fresh fish that includes the likes of river trout and fresh oysters from the east coast.

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia has been growing as a travel destination for some time and the food culture provides an Eastern European feel. Ljubljana has a large number of popular coffee spots as well as the usual burger offerings you simply do not want to miss. However, you can also find many old country restaurants where there is a rustic cuisine offering. This includes the likes of air-dried ham known as pršut and zlikrofi, which is a ravioli like pasta filled with herby pork. There is also Michelin-starred Slovenian cuisine along the coast, where you can take in stunning shellfish and fish carpaccio dishes.

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