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LTG Global 2022/23 - Cover Image

LTG Global 2022/23

New York has consistently ranked amongst the top 10 cities in the world  for traveller footfall, and its popularity has remained as strong as ever in the  aftermath of the pandemic. Whether you are visiting for the first time or simply  want to find new spots to unearth on your next trip, we returned to the Big  Apple to see what tourist experiences are truly standing out from the crowd  (page 54). Bangkok is another destination that has remained wildly popular w ...

LTG Global 2021/22 - Cover Image

LTG Global 2021/22

Like many of you, we are eagerly anticipating a return to normality for the travel industry in 2022 after more than two years of border  closures, lockdowns and various other COVID-19 restrictions. That  said, we expect the travel industry will look considerably different  upon its return. One of the biggest trends that experts are predicting  is a surge in popularity for more natural and tranquil settings as  holidaymakers are tipped to shun the larger and more cro ...

LTG Global 2020/21 - Cover Image

LTG Global 2020/21

From exploring what the rural beaches of El Salvadore have to offer, to delving deep into the unique cuisine of Hong Kong. The Luxury Travel Global Awards Guide 2020/21 leaves no stone unturned when  it comes to the world of exclusive luxury  travel.  Bringing you the latest in boutique weekend stays, the LTG Team highlight the ultimate Canadian break itinerary. With our tips and recommendations, you can build the weekend escape of your dreams. ...

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