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LTG Spa & Wellness

LTG Spa & Wellness 2019/20 - Cover Image

LTG Spa & Wellness 2019/20

LTG Spa & Wellness 2019/20 explores the most exciting trends that are currently taking the industry by storm such as cannabis-based treatments, cryotherapy, and a new form of yoga developed by WWE wrestling half of famer Diamond Dallas Page. It also features plenty of travel inspiration for first timers as well as those well accustomed to a spa and wellness lifestyle. ...

LTG Spa and Wellness 2018 - Cover Image

LTG Spa and Wellness 2018

In the LTG Spa and Wellness 2018 edition we take you on a journey around the world to explore the vastly different spa and wellness offerings available. You will discover just how varied the treatments can be – from hot (sauna) or cold (cryotherapy); east (Thai massage) or west (Swedish massage). We have also included in-depth interviews with the owners and therapists from the editorial team’s favourite places. The Spa & Wellness awards were established to recognise the im ...

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