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Scuba Diving in Santorini

Scuba Diving in Santorini

Anybody with an interest in scuba diving should consider Santorini and its renowned Caldera.  Dive through a the clear water surrounding the reefs and caves of the Caldera and explore the beauty of the cliffs which extend over 1,000 feet above and below the sea’s surface.
The waters surrounding the island of Santorini are famed to be the location of the lost city of Atlantis, with the Caldera playing host to an array of colour and textures due to volcanic and seismic activity.  Local legend states how the Thera eruption over 3,600 years ago devastated the Minoan civilisation, thus inspiring Plato’s iconic fable of how the gods vanished Atlantis overnight.
The Caldera itself is a volcanic crater formed by over half a million years’ worth of eruptions, creating stunning underwater architecture that is a prerequisite for any aspiring scuba diver to discover.  Another landmark of the Caldera is the wreck of the sunken passenger boat, eerily preserved and teeming with small fish.  Although the Caldera’s main attraction is the breathtaking natural structures and sunken wrecks, the waters boast an impressive amount of octopi and grouper fish, with the lagoon’s clear water allowing a panoramic view of the marine life.
Santorini is a suitable location for both novice and certified scuba divers, with training available for first-time divers in shallow water before heading to the depths of the lagoon that is Caldera.  Certified divers can enjoy the freedom of a private dive, where they can explore the serene caves and reefs in the centre of the Caldera.  Alternatively, the Caldera is also perfect for snorkelling, with the shoreline boasting hordes of lobsters, vibrant coral and small fish such as wrasse and parrotfish.
Marine life tends to stay close to the shores in the shallower water, but the deeper parts of the volcanic crater are host to multitudes of octopi, nudibranchs and snappers.  Be sure to choose the scuba diving centre most suited to your individual needs, as all establishments dive from the same location in order to protect the environment.  With water temperature ranging from 15 degrees Celsius in March to 25 degrees Celsius in August, the Santorini Caldera is perfect for diving all year round.

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