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Secrets to keeping your diamonds sparkling

Secrets to keeping your diamonds sparkling

A dazzling diamond can instantly add a glamorous edge to any look, automatically drawing the eye to you. That is, of course, until they gather a dull appearance. Don’t panic - this isn’t a permanent problem, as it’s likely a build up of lotions and potions that have caused this issue, amongst other things. Your diamond has likely retained that sparkle underneath it all, and we’re here to tell you how to keep it looking its very best.
Whether it’s a pair of regal diamond earrings, a sentimental engagement ring or a more casual necklace, use our tips to keep them sparkling for longer.

Avoid harmful solutions

When you get used to wearing a ring or piece of jewellery everyday, it’s easy to forget to take it off when doing everyday tasks. However, the liquids you come into contact with can have a dire effect on your diamond, causing it to appear cloudy. Whether you’re cleaning using bleach or simply having a shower, remember to take off your jewellery before handling any of the following solutions:

  • Dish soap

  • Hand soap

  • Shampoo and shower gel

  • Bleach and other cleaning products

  • Essential oils

  • Makeup

  • Perfume

There are multiple other products that you should avoid, but the above tend to be the worst offenders when it comes to diamond dullness. Remove your rings and put them in a safe place before cleaning, showering or doing any other activity that involves fragranced, harsh chemicals.

Limit direct contact

As odd as it may sound, you shouldn’t handle your jewellery often - or at least, the diamond. Grease, natural oils, lotions and anything else you may have you on your hands can pass onto your diamond, leaving it looking dull. Make sure you wash your hands carefully before handling the diamond directly, picking it up from a different point when putting it on. Keep your hands clean and be very careful if you do have to handle the diamond directly.

Keep it clean

As much as we’d love them to be, diamonds aren’t self-cleaning. In fact, they require a certain degree of care to keep them sparkling. Clean your diamonds regularly, avoiding any of the solutions listed above. Instead, fill a small bowl with warm water mixed with unscented soap and leave your jewellery to soak in it for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Take it out and run it under warm water and pat dry carefully; rubbing the diamonds can cause them to pop out or loosen. If you’ve noticed a build up of grime, brush the jewellery lightly with an old toothbrush. If you wear jewellery items every day, such as an engagement ring, it’s worth cleaning it using this method every two to three weeks.

Be careful with gadgets

With a plethora of supposedly speciality cleaning gadgets on the market, It’s tempting to take what looks like the easy route. However, you must take the utmost care when using the likes of ultrasonic cleaners as the vibrations can loosen stones, cause chips and do permanent damage when used incorrectly. If you feel like your jewellery needs a deep clean, head to your local jewellers to get their advice. They are the experts, after all.
If your diamond is looking dull, try using the above tips to help it get back to its former glory. You’d be amazed at what a good clean can do if your jewellery.

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