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TARNAVA Design Studio

TARNAVA Design Studio

About our Founder:

Our Founder- Mari Paulina C. Janiq- is a multi-award winning designer and journalist, Creative Director of  TARNAVA Design Studio and  MARI  IANIQ– a London based high end brand of  furniture, lighting and accessories. She is also the Creative Director for a modern classic furniture brand VISOTTI.

Passionate about great design, Mari works continuously with her team, to create beautiful interiors and furniture which is exquisitely designed, of the highest quality, but also comfortable and ultimately easy to live with.
Our Motto:

Our Mission:

We help our Clients – investors as well as private - bring their visions and dream interiorsto life as well as sourcing their ideal furnishings, accessories and lighting to meet their aesthetic and practical needs, taking their lifestyle and budget into consideration.

We work from brief to handover or until the final object is ready to enter the market, solving all technical and constructional issues, transforming a set of loose ideas and concepts into a coherent and harmonious whole which gets implemented according to an agreed plan.  

We do that because we believe that every human being is happier in an environment that pleases his senses and mirrors his individuality, filled with objects that he fancies and serve him best. Meeting the needs of our Clients is very important to us, as we help them to achieve more happiness and satisfaction in their lives, which further helps them to build better relationships with others, succeed at work, etc.

So at TARNAVA Design Studio we believe that thanks to our work our Clients have a better life as their world becomes a more beautiful place - which benefits us all.
Product Design

Our specialized product design services are predominantly for furniture manufacturers and retailers. We help them create entire furniture ranges, undertaking all technological and construction processes, as well as aesthetic and style matters. We  create unique product lines, helping to distinguish brands on the market and increase their profit margin by having their own unique creations rather than stocking another brand’s.
Bespoke Services

Our bespoke service is offered to architects and interior designers as well as our most exacting private clients. Addressing their specific needs and requirements, we create bespoke, unique, single pieces in their desired style and colours, made for specific spaces and purposes. During the design process, we follow precise guidelines given by our clients and solve all technological and constructional matters, delivering a perfect piece to the required location and to agreed timescales.
White Label Furniture Collection

The term "white label" is used to describe products found in our TDS White Label Ready Furniture catalogue, that we manufacture and that our clients can sell under your own brand name. 
Interior Design & Project Management

On interior design projects we work for private clients, helping them bring their dreamspaces to life within required budgets, addressing their aesthetic and practical needs, mirroring their personality and lifestyle. We also work on commercial spaces including boutiques, restaurants and banks in addition to property developments designed to maximise profit for investors.

For Clients who do not require a total remodelling of their spaces we offer specialised services including home staging and accessorising.

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