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Huawei Brings Digital Transformation to Industries Through Innovative HMS Solutions

Huawei Brings Digital Transformation to Industries Through Innovative HMS Solutions

Huawei introduced the fully-open capabilities of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem at HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 in Shanghai today. Zhang Ping'an, President of Consumer Cloud Service, Huawei Consumer Business Group, highlighted Huawei's innovative HMS solutions, and the cooperation with various sectors – including finance, government, education, enterprise, entertainment, business and more – as part of his keynote speech titled, 'Together, Let's Play with HMS'.

"Huawei is committed to opening software, hardware, and cloud capabilities to industry partners. We seek to empower all business and industries to deliver digital experience for more consumers, via innovative digital services," said Zhang.

With Huawei's fully open capabilities, partners are empowered to innovate and achieve digital transformation. As a result, digitalisation in sectors such as finance, government, education, enterprise, entertainment are accelerated, enabling them to introduce more inclusive and innovative digital services.

In recent years, Huawei has been working on providing a mobile-centric digital financial experience. HUAWEI Wallet, for instance, has been upgraded to include several innovative features, such as mobile POS, HUAWEI Card and more. Huawei has also developed a security engine designed for data, account, apps and payment protection based on a comprehensive security and protection mechanism. It includes hardware-level security certifications, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), and cloud risk control system. HMS core capabilities are also fully open to empower banks, and other industry partners to offer a broader range of digital financial services.

HUAWEI City Service is a convenient one-stop government affairs service platform jointly established with local government partners. It covers 6 broad areas and more than 30 frequently-used government services – including expenses, medical, and immigration services, among others. In the future, users can transact with all branches of the government through a single HUAWEI ID allowing them to access local citizen services anytime and anywhere.

In the education and workforce sector, Huawei launched Link Now, an online education and work coordination platform, offering features such as instant messaging, live collaboration and distant learning. Huawei seeks to make education and collaboration among working teams more accessible through technological empowerment. That way, every Huawei user in the world can enjoy an enhanced and more efficient experience.

Huawei also announced HUAWEI Business Touch at the event. It is a platform for merchant to push promotional or customer service messages to customers in a timely fashion. These messages can be delivered through various channels, including the leftmost screen, HUAWEI Life Service app. Huawei also unveiled smart business solution based on integrated 2D/3D maps, AR navigation and more capabilities, as well as an enterprise mobile solution, Huawei Enterprise Manager.

Huawei has developed an all-new smart attractions solution for the cultural tourism sector. Huawei users can keep information such as eID, entry passes, car keys and hotel keys in their devices, and subsequently bring them up automatically on HUAWEI AI Pass when approaching the terminal. Users can then simply tap the terminal with the device and proceed with their activities. The solution also provides services such as routes recommendations, real-time updates for places of interest, as well as AR navigation. Huawei is currently partnering with Dujiangyan scenic spot to bring a brand-new travel experience to visitors.

Huawei has opened five basic service engines to global developers, including payment, ads, browsing, map, search. Through HMS Core 5.0, Huawei provides leading software, hardware, and cloud capabilities, empowering partners and developers to accelerate the innovation as well as digitalisation process. Huawei's HMS ecosystem is currently the world's third largest mobile app ecosystem, with over 1.8 million registered developers worldwide and 96,000 applications integrated with HMS Core.

Huawei has also invested USD 1 billion into its Shining-Star Programme to encourage developers to join the HMS ecosystem and incentivise innovation in app development. With plans for further expansion, the Shining-Star Programme has accumulatively inspired more than 10,000 innovative apps worldwide, including over 1,000 vertical industry partners.

Huawei has been working with global partners and developers on innovation in digital transformation as well as implementation of TECH4ALL digital inclusion program. Moving forward, Huawei is committed to opening more capabilities to other industries and sectors to accelerate their digital transformation. This allows Huawei and the industries to collaboratively provide an enhanced digital experience for consumers and improve their quality of life.

"At Huawei, we see our developers, partners and global consumers as stars that brighten the future. We hope to work together with our stars to illuminate our paths ahead and create a new world that's more vibrant," Zhang added.

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