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Luxury Manufacturer producing protective booths for COVID-19 test sites

Luxury Manufacturer producing protective booths for COVID-19 test sites

 A few months ago, Pac Team Group was building showcases for the world's most renowned brands. Today, they are building COVID-19 testing booths to help protect frontline healthcare workers. This 70-year old luxury brand manufacturer was facing tough decisions at their USA organization, when a bleak situation became a uniting effort of hope. The staff came together with a new objective: help with the PPE shortage. Within days after the stay-at-home orders started, the company completely repurposed its structure to manufacturer and source PPE, including protective testing booths.

Protective testing booths provide a barrier between the healthcare worker administering the test and the patient. They offer significant protection for the staff, while reducing the need to change masks and other PPE between tests.

The booths are being distributed by CarpeVita USA, a company owned by Pac Team President, Eric Zuckerman.

According to Zuckerman, "With the shortage of PPE and the risks our healthcare workers are facing, it seemed obvious that protective booths should be widely available for them."

After studying booths that had been used in South Korea and receiving feedback from testing sites, Pac Team engineered their booth to be more modular, easy to use, and economical. They are created using a high-quality extruded aluminum frame and shatterproof polycarbonate sides. The full-length, isolator gloves provide protection to the tester's hands and can be sanitized between tests. The company's booths work in either a standing or driving setting. In addition, the company has made other innovations, such as protective shields for blood draws.

"We are now connecting with testing sites throughout the country to be able to supply this equipment. If you asked me a year ago if this is what our company would be doing, I would have thought you were crazy. But in the end, if we are manufacturing, we can keep people working. And if we can keep people working and help our communities at the same time, it's a true win, win."

Those interested in the company's protective products can email

About Pac Team Group: Founded in 1949, they are an industry leader in retail environments.

About CarpeVita USA: Formed in 2010, they focus on the sourcing and import of goods for a wide variety of industries.

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