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My Taiken Launches Cultural Concierge Service for Travelers to Japan

My Taiken Launches Cultural Concierge Service for Travelers to Japan

With Japan's borders now fully open again, My Taiken, a bespoke travel specialist, announces the launch of their new cultural concierge service for luxury travel designers planning trips to Japan for their clients. Founded by Sebastien Moncus in 2017 and based in central Tokyo, My Taiken works directly with partners from across the  travel industry to design private personalized experiences of traditional Japanese art forms. With their deep connections and links to Japanese cultural institutions and practitioners, My Taiken puts unforgettable cultural experiences within reach for today's most discerning guests.

Founder Sebastien Moncus is originally from Brittany in France but has spent the last 10 years living in Japan. He launched My Taiken with his brother-in-law, the 20th Grand Master of one of Japan's five Noh families. Noh theater, originating in the 14th century, is one of Japan's most renowned classical artforms combining music, dance and drama. As the only foreigner in Japan to be part of a Noh family dynasty, Sebastien created My Taiken to give guests the opportunity to experience Japanese culture in the way he does.

"Japan is home to exquisite and refined cultural artforms passed down and preserved over generations. Many of these still form an important part of Japan's culture today. But until now, these artforms have been hard for travelers to experience. So I'm thrilled to welcome guests to Japan again, and to design experiences for them that they'll remember for decades to come."

Sebastien Moncus, Founder, My Taiken

Beyond rare opportunities to experience Noh behind the scenes, My Taiken can design bespoke experiences with renowned experts across a huge range of traditional Japanese art forms - from Ikebana flower arranging to tea ceremonies, calligraphy experiences and much more. With their bespoke approach, My Taiken aims to not only give their guests a deeper appreciation of the true complexity of Japanese culture, but to support and sustain traditional artforms for future generations. For more information on My Taiken services, please contact

My Taiken:

My Taiken is an independent travel consultant offering services across Japan. Founded in 2017, My Taiken is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and offers white label bespoke cultural experiences guided by founder Sebastien Moncus and certified local instructors for global travel agents, destination management companies and travel designers.

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