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Oona's Yoga School Wins Yoga School of the Year

Oona's Yoga School Wins Yoga School of the Year

Aliki Yoga School is situated in a quaint fishing village on the south coast of Paros. Owned and managed by Dutch-born Oona Giesen, this school is the perfect destination for travellers and holiday makers who have an interest in yoga and meeting new people. Oona takes a soft approach to practicing yoga and likes to remain down to earth, focusing on the body’s movements and positions rather than chanting and worshipping. Oona specialises in back problems after yoga played an essential role in her recovery following a car accident. She also puts a particular emphasis on alignment, concentrating on the connection between the mind, the body and the breath.
The school is open all year round and offers specialised, intensive yoga courses throughout the summer months. Oona’s lifetime of experience and professional accreditations mean that she is more than capable of coaching people of all ages and abilities. She believes that yoga is about accepting your limitations, expanding your possibilities and above all, making you feel better. Every class can be adapted to suit each person’s individual level and Oona is always on standby to offer advice or answer any questions. After class, guests can make the most of Aliki Yoga School’s idyllic location by dining in the rustic restaurants along the seafront and relaxing on the beach. 

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