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Top Destination Travel News Stories From March 2022

Top Destination Travel News Stories From March 2022

March, following February, can feel like one of the longest months of the year, and a long month brings lots of news. Between countries around the world making it easier for international travelers to enter by loosening entry requirements, like the United Kingdom and Italy, to the world's largest suspension bridge opening in Turkey and the end of the Safe Travels Program for Hawaii, March was a very busy month for destinations across the world! 

EU Officially Enacts Travel Ban Recommendation for Vaccinated Tourists

On March 1st, the European Union ended its recommendation for member states to ban non-essential foreign travel for fully vaccinated travelers. As we'll see in this slideshow, member states have taken this recommendation to heart, loosening many entry restrictions even beyond this one. 

March Return Targeted for Cayman Islands Cruise Ships

Travelers can once again visit the Cayman Islands via cruise ship. On March 21st, the islands began allowing 40% of its regular cruise ship capacity to enter its waters and dock at its ports, another good sign that destinations around the world are once again reopening to travel in their own ways.

Italy Eases COVID-19 Entry Requirements

On March 1st, Italy eased its pandemic-related entry requirements, so fully vaccinated travelers need not test prior to entry. Unvaccinated travelers no longer need to quarantine provided they present a negative pre-arrival test.

Saint Lucia Launches 'Seamless' Entry Protocol Updates

On March 5th, travelers entering Saint Lucia can enter using a simplified entry process, "Seamless Saint Lucia," which now accepts both PCR tests and rapid antigen tests to satisfy the island's entry requirements. 

Australia Now Fully Open for Travel as Last State Unseals Its Borders

The Australian state of Western Australia was the last to reopen to international travelers this month, following the country's reopening to international travel back in February. 

India Extends Ban on International Air Travel Indefinitely

India has extended its ban on international air travel indefinitely on March 2nd, so only international travelers from countries India has partnered with to create "air bubble" systems can enter, provided they adhere to the country's pandemic-related entry requirement

Bahamas Drops Day 5 Rapid Test Requirement

Travelers to the Bahamas no longer need to test themselves after five days of entering the island chain. The new ruling began in early March, with the Bahamas citing lowering case counts as one of the major reasons for this adjustment.

Tourists Flock to Dominican Republic in Record-Breaking Numbers

February data found that the Dominican Republic welcomed its second largest number of tourists in its history this February, with over 566,000 arrivals. 60% of all arrivals were from North America. 

Maldives Eliminates Testing Requirements for Vaccinated International Travelers

Travelers who are fully vaccinated no longer need to satisfy any testing requirements when entering the Maldives. This new rule began March 5th. 

Relaxed Bermuda COVID-19 Restrictions Take Effect March 7th

On March 7th, Bermuda relaxed its COVID-19 restrictions, now requiring full vaccination and a recent negative COVID-19 test to enter. 

Ireland Drops All COVID-Related Entry Requirements, Domestic Restrictions

Ireland is one of the latest countries forgoing all of its pandemic-related protocols, entry-related and otherwise! Travelers don't even have to fill out a passenger locator form anymore, test or show proof of vaccination, which is sure to make the country a popular choice for international travelers. 

Puerto Rico Drops Several Coronavirus-Related Restrictions

On March 10th, travelers entering Puerto Rico via domestic flights no longer need to provide proof of vaccination, a negative test result or complete a Travel Declaration form, making it simpler for people from the mainland U.S. to travel to the island. 

Curaçao Removes Most Travel Restrictions

All travelers entering Curacao after March 10th no longer need to provide a recent negative COVID-19 test to enter. 

US Tourist Research Indicates Return to Normalcy This Spring Break

New data from found that travelers' trends might be returning to pre-pandemic normalcy this spring break season, with interest in destinations that were popular prior to the pandemic growing in popularity once more. 

Malta Creates World's First "Virtual Citizen" To Promote Tourism

Malta has created the world's first "virtual citizen," Marija, in order to promote tourism to Malta using AI technology. People will be able to have conversations with her in real time, ask questions and learn more about the country. 

US Virgin Islands Eases COVID-19 Travel Requirements

Travelers who have been vaccinated in the U.S. or the U.S. Virgin Islands can now enter the USVI provided they show proof of full vaccination. They no longer have to satisfy any testing requirements to enter. 

France Lifts Many Coronavirus-Related Restrictions

Travelers no longer need to provide proof of full vaccination to enter entertainment venues, restaurants or museums in France. Masks are no longer required anywhere except in public transportation and hospitals. 

France Lifts Many Coronavirus-Related Restrictions

Travelers no longer need to provide proof of full vaccination to enter entertainment venues, restaurants or museums in France. Masks are no longer required anywhere except in public transportation and hospitals. 

UK Drops All Remaining Travel Restrictions, Despite Increase in COVID Infections

The United Kingdom has dropped all of its pandemic-related entry requirements this month, making it easy to enter the U.K. for all international travelers. 

EU Sees Significant Tourism Recovery in 2021

Eurostat's latest data from the E.U. finds that while tourism in 2021 fell short of the pre-pandemic levels, travelers who did travel in the E.U. spent more time traveling than they did in 2019.

Antigua and Barbuda Drops COVID Test Requirement

Travelers entering Antigua and Barbuda no longer have to satisfy any testing requirements, so long as they are fully vaccinated. 

Kenya Eliminates Remaining COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Fully vaccinated travelers to Kenya no longer need to take a pre-departure COVID-19 test to enter as of March 11th.

Cambodia Reopens to Fully Vaccinated Travelers

Travelers who can prove they have been fully vaccinated can now enter Cambodia, which is currently reporting over 90% full vaccination rates among its population. 

Vietnam Reopens Borders, Again Welcoming International Tourists

As of March 19th, travelers entering Vietnam can now do so without any quarantine and post-arrival testing requirements, making it simpler for international travelers.

Bermuda Black Golfers Week to Launch in October

Bermuda will be celebrating its Black golfing legacy in October during a week-long event called Black Golfers Week. The celebration will offer a variety of events from October 24th through the 31st. 

Aruba Lifts COVID-Related Entry Requirements

On March 19th, Aruba lifted its COVID-19 entry protocols, so international arrivals need only fill out an Aruba Embarkation/Disembarkation card and purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance prior to arrival. 

World’s Longest Suspension Bridge Opens in Turkey, Linking Europe and Asia

On March 18th, Turkish officials and delegates from countries around the world celebrated the opening of the world's longest suspension bridge, the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which spans the Dardanelles connecting Europe with Asia. The bridge's name and its opening date, March 18th, 1915, is an important date in Turkish history, when the then-Ottoman Empire fought the British and French over control of the Dardanelles. 

Is Traveling to Eastern Europe Still Safe Amid Russian War on Ukraine?

With the war between Russia and Ukraine, travelers are interested in whether or not traveling to eastern Europe is safe. A new feature answers this question using the latest information.

A Guide to Entry Requirements in Central America

The Caribbean and Europe aren't the only destinations relaxing entry requirements in March. This is a quick guide on current entry requirements to Central America.

Asia Travel Restrictions: Which Popular Destinations Are Reopening?

For those wondering when Japan will reopen, check out this detailed guide on the status of popular Asian countries and their reopening plans.

South Africa Further Eases COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

South Africa has eased many of its pandemic-related restrictions, as well as its entry requirements. Travelers to the country can now enter with their proof of full vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test. 

Hawaii Officially Ends Safe Travels Program

On March 25th, the Hawaiian Safe Travels Program officially ended, doing away with entry requirements for domestic travelers as well as the state's mask mandate, though the government allows private businesses to create their own rules on mask-wearing.

Palm Springs Becomes Autism Certified

Palm Springs, California is now a Certified Autism Center, accredited by the IBCCE. It's considered the first step towards being designated as an official Certified Autism Destination.

Thailand Shares Timeline for Fully Removing Travel Restrictions

Thailand will be monitoring the number of positive cases directly after its national Songkran Festival to determine whether or not the country is ready to remove all pandemic-related entry requirements, though it will do away with the pre-departure test requirement for fully vaccinated travelers beginning April 1st no matter what. 

US Capitol To Reopen With Limited Tours

On March 28th, the United States Capitol building reopened its doors to limited tours after more than two years of being closed due to the pandemic. Those who'd like to take a tour of the building must pre-register online; tours offer space for fifteen people at a time. 

Saudi Arabia Reinstates Visa-on-Arrival for US, UK, Schengen Visa Holders

Following Saudi Arabia's March 6th abolition of all of all pandemic-related entry restrictions, it's also reinstating its visa-on-arrival system for arrivals who hold U.S., U.K. or Schengen visas.

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