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Travel World VR Launches Virtual Reality App

Travel World VR Launches Virtual Reality App

Travel World VR is a new platform for viewing 360° virtual reality travel videos. Company founders, John Graham and Steve Perillo ask, "Can you imagine of a better time to launch a virtual reality travel app?"

The company started as a promotional service for destinations, resorts, cruise lines, tour operators and attractions. But the fully-immersive 360° experience has now captured the homebound audience of armchair travelers.

"Actually," comments Mr. Graham, "It's best to sit in a swivel chair to take full advantage of the 360° environment that surrounds you."

Steve Perillo adds, "No, you're not really watching a sunset over Montego Bay, but your brain believes you are. Look down and see the sand. Look up at the sky. Look behind you at the kids playing. It all feels so real!"

Virtual reality video can be enjoyed on a flat screen by giving you mouse control over the entire environment. It can be enjoyed on a tablet or smart phone by using those devices like a "window-pane".

But the ultimate experience is enjoyed with special headsets that immerse you into the scene. You simply insert your smart phone into the headset. Free headsets are also available on request in the app.

The app, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, is also called Travel World VR and is free. The app currently offers 50 fully immersive experiences with more loaded every week.

For Graham, the new VR app offers 2 benefits, "You can teleport to a beach in Bali for 10 minutes as an instant getaway. Or the app can help you decide on where you'd like to physically visit . . . when travel starts up again!"

Download the app: Travel World VR or visit their website

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