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Unbiased Advantages Of Having A Hair Transplant In The UK

Unbiased Advantages Of Having A Hair Transplant In The UK

Hair transplants are available all over the world. Many people consider travelling to a clinic in Turkey, India or other countries looking for low-cost ways to fix their bald spots. Unfortunately, the results are not always worth the trip due to sub-standard and varying hygiene and medical standards. Of course, some institutions abroad are professional and authentic, but your best bet is a hair transplant UK, here’s why:

Meeting Your Doctor Before Surgery

When you are considering a hair transplant, whether in the UK or abroad, the advice that every website will recommend is to do your homework. This is not something you should commit to on a whim. The results of your hair transplant surgery are often as a result of the experience and expertise of your surgeon. Choosing to have your hair transplant in the UK means that you can meet the surgeon set to perform your procedure. Patients can ask to see before and after images of previous work and might come away feeling more confident and happier with their decision to proceed.

Meeting your doctor before surgery in person is also recommended because they will be able to accurately evaluate your hair. This means your expectations can be managed. If you are unhappy with how you think you are going to look, you will be able to save yourself the cost of the procedure. These consultations should always be free and no-obligation.

Achieve Your Dream Aesthetic

As we have already mentioned, the success of the transplant is usually dependent on the skill of the surgeon. Surgeons in the UK are world-class, promising the best possible results. However, communicating how you want your hair to look (and the doctor’s response) can get lost in translation if you don’t speak the same language. You could end up with a reconstructed hair line that is not where you wanted it to be. In the UK, you are less likely to have this problem.

Transport and Hospitality Options

Travelling for a hair transplant can be extremely exciting. If you are coming from further away, you can turn your lifechanging procedure into a once in a lifetime trip, too! London, Manchester and other hubs in the UK are absolutely fantastic tourist destinations. London in particular has so many options for accommodation and transport, with 5 airports to choose from, getting to and from the city is incredibly easy.

You will have to stay rested for a couple of days after your procedure. However, with some of the best hotels and Air B&Bs in the world, this isn’t going to be a problem if you opt to have your surgery in the UK. One of the best benefits of choosing the UK is the amenities of the cosmopolitan cities. Ordering food, at-home entertainment, amenities at hotels and indoor activities are endless. There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy your trip, even if you can’t be out exploring all the time! 

Discreet Hair Transplant

Deciding to opt for a hair transplant in the UK means you can bolt your procedure onto the back or start of a getaway.  You can tell colleagues, acquaintances and anyone else you want to, that you are going away on holiday. This means you can keep the cosmetic surgery private if that is what you’d prefer.

What’s more, the advanced technology used by UK hair transplant surgeons means that recovery is so much quicker and less painful. The technique favoured in the UK is FUE or DHI. These use precise incisions that minimise scarring and boost the chances of happy and healthy re-growth, quickly! Although it can take 6 months to enjoy the full results, minimising scarring can help you keep things quiet.

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