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A Destination for Diving

A Destination for Diving

The Maltese Islands, renowned for its spectacular clear blue Mediterranean Sea, is an exquisite paradise for snorkelers, windsurfers and scuba divers.  The Archipelago consists of three islands; Malta the largest, rural Gozo and Comino (the smallest of the trio, famous for its breath-taking Blue Lagoon.)  Each island offers some of the best and unique diving experiences in the world with an exceptional selection of shore dives and boat dives.  Due to the geology of the Maltese Islands exceptional natural features above and below the water have been created, with tourists visiting famous dive sites like the natural rock formation of the Blue Hole and the Santa Marija caves.   
The diving site of Ghar Lapsi is a hidden bay situated on the South West side of Malta in Siggiewi, the quiet and shallow waters offer visitors a perfect diving site for first time beginners, and its rocky shoreline forms a beautiful natural swimming pool with crystal clear sapphire water.  The calmness and clarity of sea make for excellent visibility creating the best conditions for new divers.  Its shallow depths of 15 metres provide divers with a series of remarkable inter-connected caverns and tunnels, especially ideal with its multiple entry and exist points.  Calling at Ghar Lapsi in the early afternoon shows off its magnificent light filtration where dazzling sunlight streaks through the intricate cracks and fissures in the rocks.  
More adventurous diving sites include the incredibly popular Lantern Point or Lighthouse Point as it’s also known, an impressive dive ideal for experienced divers.  Situated on the South West point of Comino, Lantern Point features outstanding underwater tunnels and caves to explore with a grand depth of up to 50 metres. Anchoring at a six metre plateau, experienced divers begin at the chimney encountering enormous boulders and tropical marine life, taking in the wonderful sights of growpers, morrey eels and lobsters. 

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