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A Historic Setting in Amsterdam

A Historic Setting in Amsterdam

Hotel Seven One Seven

Located on the Prinsengracht, at the heart of Amsterdam’s canal centre, guests of Hotel Seven One Seven can enjoy an unrivalled proximity to historic Amsterdam whilst enjoying the very best of modern conveniences.  Hotel Seven One Seven invites both private and business travellers to experience the unique combination of staying in a beautiful 19th Century building and enjoy a warm atmosphere designed to enhance your privacy and comfort. 
Hotel Seven One Seven first opened its doors to guests in 1997, though the property boasted a long history before its conversion into a hotel.  The building was long inhabited by a wealthy sugar trader; although he initially lived in the 17th Century achterhuis (rear house) he expanded the property down to the Prinsengracht in 1810 by constructing a new house in front of it, as a meals of displaying his vast wealth to his contemporaries After the expansion, the rear house served solely as a sukermoolen (sugar mill) and the hotel now stands as a perfect blend of well-preserved history and modern luxury; with a total of nine rooms on offer, Hotel Seven One Seven is the first Boutique Design Hotel in the Netherlands which maintains an emphasis on providing a personal touch to make you feel at home.
An Inspirational Stay
Two magical suites, which look out over the 17th-century Prinsengracht on the front of the premises and offer breathtaking views of the canals, can be reached by taking the oak staircase.  The same stairs also provide access to seven, spacious suites and rooms with a view of the Patio.  During the summer, guests can enjoy the elegantly laid out Patio under the old maple tree.  Here, once again, the emphasis is on creating a relaxed atmosphere, a home far away from home.
Each of the seven suites are named after revered figures from the cultural world; the artistic greats of Pablo Picasso and Gustav Mahler are honoured, so too are the literary icons Charles Dickens and
J.R.R. Tolkein.  The well-appointed décor of each suite has been carefully designed to capture the personality or legacy of the figure that gives it its name; take, for example, the elegant old English furnishing of the ‘Shakespeare’ suite, with a bed set against the window and a quote from Sonnet 18 adorning the walls.  Likewise, the ‘Franz Schubert’ suite is decorated in warm shades to match his expressive compositions – particularly Sonate, which is featured as a framed music sheet.  Whichever room you choose to reside in, you are sure to enjoy a stay defined by inspirational splendour, intriguing history and warm hospitality. 
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Tel: +31 20 4270Seven One Seven
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