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A Journey to Málaga

A Journey to Málaga

The historic city of Málaga sits gracefully on the coast of the Costa del Sol.  The birthplace of the illustrious artist Pablo Picasso, Malaga offers a typical balmy Mediterranean climate, white sandy beaches and clear blue waves.  This wondrous offering of sea and sand, coupled with the numerous historical and cultural attractions found throughout the city, ensures that visitors can enjoy the quintessential Spanish holiday. 
It is hard to imagine, but if you ever found yourself tiring of the pristine beaches, a pleasant stroll through the city centre will serve to re-engage your senses once more.  Located in the heart of Málaga, the spectacular cathedral is the perfect place to begin your exploration of the city.  A majestic Renaissance building, the cathedral truly inspires despite the fact that, incredibly, it has yet to be completed.  Stand beneath the 40 metre high domed ceiling and indulge in the sublime religious art on display, for an arresting lesson in 16th Century history. 
For those who wish to see Málaga through Picasso’s eyes, a trip to the Museo Picasso Málaga is a must.  Since 2003, the museum has been routinely fascinating each visitor that walks through its doors; located in Buenavista Palace in San Agustín, it houses some of the most iconic works of art ever created.  Displaying over 275 pieces from Picasso’s portfolio of work in 12 extensive galleries –all donated by members of the Picasso family – visitors can learn about the life of the revered painter and uncover a few surprises along the way. 
A priceless piece of Málaga’s history is the Alcazaba.  A stunning fortification of 11th Century origin, it remains the best preserved alcazaba to be found in the country and is an incredible example of Moorish architecture.  The entrance to the fort lies next to a Roman amphitheatre and overlooks the city in all its glory – the perfect combination of arresting views and intriguing discoveries. 
Málaga is a city inherently proud of its history.  Wander through each narrow street, uncovering exquisite churches, rustic architecture and some of the best traditional tapas bars to be found in the country.  For a view that will stay with you forever, simply climb the observation tower in the 11th Century Gibralfaro Castle.  The entire city is spread out before you; each bustling street will seem alive with the spirit of summer, whilst the sparkling Mediterranean beckons in the distance.

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