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A Unique Way to Sightsee

A Unique Way to Sightsee

Bruges Ballooning

Bruges Ballooning offer the finest quality balloon rides over Belgium’s most enchanting city – drift lazily above the picturesque fairy-tale streets of medieval Bruges and see the 1000 years of history unfold before you.  Being able to interact with their customers face to face and share their passion and enthusiasm is important to Bruges Ballooning, so they only offer private and small group experiences that let you make the most of your pilot’s expertise and enjoy their stories, knowledge and personal attention. 
All of Bruges Balloon’s pilots are carefully selected for their great personalities and years of exemplary experience.  They are also the only balloon crew that meet British CAA safety standards and with over 2,700 successful flights you can be assured of an inspiring, romantic and safe trip.  Quality is the most important thing to Bruges Balloons, so if the weather is not perfect for your flight they will re-arrange it for a day when you can enjoy the outstanding views from your private quadrant fully.  If having your own compartment is not enough then you can organise a private trip for the ultimately intimate and romantic experience.  Finally when you set down gently among the polders and fields that make up the amazing countryside around Bruges you can celebrate your bravery with champagne and take advantage of a quick and speedy transfer back to Bruges or wherever you need to be.
Flight Options
The most romantic and adventurous way to discover Bruges is undoubtedly by hot air balloon. Bruges Ballooning offers, in exclusive co-operation with the city of Bruges, balloon flights over the centre of Bruges, with daily departures at sunrise and two hours before sunset. A one-hour balloon trip takes you over the city of Bruges, and its wonderful surrounding castles and fields. Champagne and hotel pick-up are included.  Nothing beats the peaceful tranquillity of a morning flight; the early start is rewarded many times over by the privilege of seeing Bruges at its best and watching the city wake up and come alive.  Morning skies in Belgium can be incredibly fresh, clear enough to spot hares and rabbits grazing peacefully and running wild in the fields or see for miles with unimpeded views.  Occasionally a gentle mist blankets the outlying fields under a thin veil of cloud, castles erupting through the low lying cloud dramatically giving a mythical and inspiring view.
 Morning breezes are also much gentler making for a more leisurely and relaxed trip and you can catch all the heat of the rising sun.  Enjoy a breakfast of tea and Belgian delicacies when you land and, best of all; be back in Bruges by 10am, awakened and refreshed, ready for an amazing day ahead of you.  Alternatively you may choose to spend the morning relaxing and save the trip for the evening, taking off at around 7pm in the summer.  The daytime winds calm in the evenings making them perfect for ballooning.  Take off from a stop just outside of the centre and enjoy your ride over the Fairy tale city centre with its canals, towers, squares and windmills from a unique perspective.  Once passed Bruges the view becomes a typically Belgian mix of farms, cows, corn fields, small towns and castles – with westerly winds you may even cross over into Holland, an enchanting addition to your magical experience. 
Tel: +32 475 972 887
Fax:  +329 361 06 62

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