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At Xtreme Security and GlobeAir the number one priority is the client’s safety

At Xtreme Security and GlobeAir the number one priority is the client’s safety

At Xtreme Security, the number one priority is our client’s safety. Ensuring the safety of our clients requires precision and focus, and therefore our training in Corporate Aircraft Security and technological advancements are very important factors. Doing so also requires close collaboration with high standard companies that are reliable and dedicated in providing only a top-notch service.
GlobeAir (whose call sign is DREAM TEAM) holds such a reputation having achieved 12 years and 60,000 flown hours without any accident. Safety is DreamTeam’s first priority with a long history of smooth operations. The outstanding norms of GlobeAir include SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), competent collaboration, and efficient training. Every pilot has to attend two compulsory simulator training sessions a year; training sessions of this sort are fundamental as they include real-show-case-scenarios. Ensuring the safety of the clients requires precision and focus, and therefore training and technological advancements are very important factors for Xtreme Security.
GlobeAir offers an all-in-one travel solution offering private jet flights, hotel and restaurant bookings as well as any other luxury services that may be needed. GlobeAir's success is based on the art of selling time, knowing how to anticipate the needs of its exceptional clientele which includes sports athletes, politicians, diplomats, and other high-net-worth individuals. It is a great honor for Xtreme  Security to have been chosen as the preferred partner in the provision of security services and we look forward to protecting GlobeAir's passengers and their image.

With this collaboration in place, we are also able to provide our clients with any kind of emergency or medical evacuation within 24 hours. This is one of the characteristics of why we were nominated for the LUXURY TRAVEL AWARD.
The collaboration of Xtreme Security and Globe Air is remarkable as both provide a gold standard of security and ease. Under our protection and in cooperation with GlobeAir our client's safety will never be compromised. Xtreme Security dispatches a team for the client's protection that is trained, experienced, professional, and can neutralize the threat before any harm is done.

Threats are constant, to subdue them is our job.

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