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Eight Reasons Why Portugal is The Perfect Destination

Eight Reasons Why Portugal is The Perfect Destination

Portugal is a great place to call home or as a destination to visit. There is so much on offer from historical towns to beaches and amazing food.

The Food

Portuguese food is unique in Europe and offers a great variety of dishes for anyone's palate. A lot of the famous Portuguese dishes are fish and seafood dishes.
Caldeirada is a very traditional seafood stew. It normally includes fish, prawns, potatoes, paprika, onions, and vegetables. This is a hearty feel-good meal that can be found in most places. The same stew without seafood is also called cataplana.
Amêijoas are clams cooked in garlic and white wine sauce. This is best paired with a glass of wine as a small meal or starter. Although the Algarve region is best known for this dish you can find it across Portugal.
Grilled sardines also called Sardinhas Assadas is a very popular dish that is both cheap and very popular. Usually only spiced with sea salt and grilled on a charcoal fire. This is often served with chips and bread.

Golden Visas

Portugal is probably the most well-known country that offers golden visas. You can get a golden visa and EU citizenship through investment. This investment can take different forms and there are different minimum amounts applicable depending on the form of the investment and location. Even with these minimum values and areas that you need to consider it is a great way to move to the EU.
The golden visa opportunity is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, way to get EU citizenship. To see if you qualify and for more information on the process read this. The residence permits are quick to get issues and after five years you can apply for citizenship. You will also be able to travel freely in the Schengen region of Europe.

Historical Towns and Cities

Portugal has a rich history and it shows in a lot of historical towns and cities. There are beautiful castles at Sintra. The cobblestone streets in most towns and cities are also part of the rich heritage of Portugal.
Lisbon is the second oldest city in Europe and has many places worth visiting. The Torre de Belém is a beautiful tower on the coast. The oldest part of the city with great architecture all around is the Alfama District. St George’s Castle is another landmark worth visiting. The castle towers over Lisbon and surrounds.
Porto is another beautiful and colorful city. It has the Douro river with many landmark bridges to explore. The iconic Dom Luis I bridge is a must-see. The historic areas of Baixa, Ribeira, and Bolhao are tourist must-see areas. The architecture is colorful and uniquely Portuguese. The Livrario Lello is a beautiful library that is also an attraction in Porto.
The lesser-known city of Guimarães has a long history. It is an old and underrated city. The town center dates back to medieval times and is well preserved. The castle is also worth a visit.

The Weather

The weather in Portugal is worth mentioning. Portugal has some of the best weather in all of Europe. Warm weather almost all year round and most days the sun will be shining. The Portuguese climate is hard to beat. When considering Portugal as a destination this plays a major role. The postcard picture of beaches and sunshine is not just marketing. If you love sunny weather Portugal is the obvious choice.


The historic trams in Lisbon and some other cities are just great. They are not only convenient to transport, but they offer a good way to do some sightseeing while in the city. These trams truly are part of the history in Lisbon and make the experience unique.
The trams operate all over, but going up the hills in the older parts of town is the way to experience your first tram ride in Lisbon. Public transport, in general, is great in the cities, but this one is unique.

The Beaches

Some of the best beaches in the world are found in Portugal. Lisbon has some great beaches to spend the day at or you can opt for the unique beaches of the volcanic Azores islands. The Algarve is another area that offers great beaches. The area surrounding Lagos is another popular holiday destination.
Most weekends and holidays you will find the locals at the beach. The facilities are good and the people are friendly. Different beaches cater to different tastes and water sports. Look around and find your favorite beach for a quick break and to recharge the batteries before heading back to work.


Portugal is one of the best-surfing destinations in the world. There are many international surfing competitions held annually in Portugal. Some of the biggest waves in the world are also found here.
Nazaré, the whole coast of Alentejo, the Algarve, and the islands of the Azores are well-known surf spots. Whether you like to stand up paddleboarding, surfing, or big wave surfing, you will find a spot that suits your skills. Water sports, in general, are very popular in Portugal.

The People

The Portuguese people are very friendly and accommodating to visitors. Most Portuguese speak English as it is taught in schools. Almost anybody you meet will either be fluent (especially the younger people) or they will at least try to communicate in English.
The Portuguese people are hard-working, but also know how to relax with family and friends. They are great hosts and like to have people over and cook for them. Hospitality is one of the key values in Portuguese society.
A lot of social events involve great food and coffee. Family and friends will gather and enjoy these while having long conversations. The time to go out for a few drinks or even a coffee on weekends is after dinner. Dinner finishes as late as 11 pm and then it is time to hit the cafes and bars. Be prepared for some late nights.
Don’t hesitate to pick Portugal as a destination. From the sun, the food, the friendly people to the rich history, it all makes for a great place to call home.


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