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Experience The Joy Of A Crewed Sailing Holiday

Experience The Joy Of A Crewed Sailing Holiday

When you think about sailing yacht charters, you may well think of an exhilarating but fairly work-intensive trip. Not so with a crewed sailing holiday, where you can decide how much sailing you do and have your friendly, dedicated crew take care of the rest. A sailing charter is full of romance and adventure, without the stress of relying solely on yourself for getting the boat from A to B. With the ability to visit untouched coves and embrace any winds that are thrown your way, you’ll find that a sailing charter on one of many yachts for charter is a complete joy. Discover a taste of it below.

What makes crewed sailing holidays so special?

Bonding with family and friends


A sailing holiday is the perfect opportunity to spend real quality time with your loved ones. Away from the stresses of everyday life, sometimes equipped with only a patchy internet connection, you are free to focus on each other.
Your crew will be happy to teach you any aspect of sailing as you wish, giving you the experience of learning a new skill together. There is a sense of achievement amongst everyone onboard as the yacht arrives safely into its anchorage or berth, and this will bring you all closer together. Even if you wish to leave all the hard work to the crew, you still benefit from the sense of adventure that sailing conjures. 

Hopping between secret destinations

A sailing yacht is the perfect vessel for exploring. If you wish, you can wake up in a new destination each morning, feeling the wind in your hair as you travel the open seas. Moving around has none of the usual stress associated with it, as your luxury holiday home and all of your belongings travel with you.
Crewed sailing holidays allow you to reach the most remote of locations, allowing you to reach everything from secluded bays that are only accessible by water, to remote islands with no ferry service, to quaint fishing villages that you might never think to go to but discover while exploring.

Sampling local culinary delights


While you visit these remote places, you can try a range of traditional cuisines that you might otherwise have never tasted. Perhaps a local family invites you to their beach BBQ or into their abode for a home-cooked meal, or you find an eatery offering native specialities. You can learn about their culture through food, and gain new recipes that you can take back into your normal life, reminding you of this incredible sailing charter for years to come.
On the bigger sailing superyachts, your charter crew will likely also include a gourmet chef with an incredible knowledge of the local food, as well as an ability to seamlessly incorporate any preferences or dietary requirements into their menu. This means that whether you are eating on or off the yacht, your tastebuds will be extremely satisfied.

Watersports to get your heart racing

Waking up surrounded by water everyday will likely make you want to dive in, so why not take advantage of the range of water toys that are available onboard sailing charters on super sailing yachts?
Spend afternoons kayaking across lagoons, try out stand-up paddle-boarding, snorkel through crystal-clear waters spotting exotic fish, race jet skis with your most competitive family members, or zoom around the ocean on a Seabob. There’s a water sport to suit everyone, whether you prefer taking it easy or getting the adrenaline pumping. And remember, for those who want nothing more than to sunbathe on deck and stay dry, preferably with a glass of wine in hand, this is also very much encouraged.

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