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Fascinating Places in Morocco for a Memorable Trip

Fascinating Places in Morocco for a Memorable Trip

If you enjoy exotic travel, then Morocco is a place you should consider getting to at least once. The lifestyle and culture here are transcendent experiences you won't find elsewhere. The charm and mystique of this place are simply wondrous. 

Why Go to Morocco?

The people here are warm and welcome all visitors to enjoy the richness of their culture. Your options in terms of accommodations will be nothing short of mesmerizing, and your eating and dining will reflect a crossroads of many cultures. Nightlife and shopping are in abundance, but there are quite a few outdoor places to soak in as well.

Where to Go in Morocco

Wondering the best places you should visit in this magnificent country? Here are a few suggestions:
  • Ait Ben Haddou: Ancient ruins here are built into a hillside and served as one of the sets for the movie 'Gladiator'.
  • Asilah: Long city walls and sandy beaches make this place scenic enough, but the walls also have vibrant murals that are notable art in their own right.
  • Casablanca: This historical treasure is actually far more modern than you might think.
  • Chefchaouen: Blue and white are the dominant house colors here, which stand out against the broader landscape.
  • Dakhla: This stretch of 40 kilometers was originally founded by the Spanish in 1844, but it is quickly growing into a hub for kitesurfing adventures.
  • Essaouira (Mogador): Season three of HBO's Game of Thrones was shot here. Celebrities have been using this beach hangout since the 1960s.
  • High Atlas: The tallest mountain range runs across the country for 1000 kilometers and makes for great hiking in spring, summer, and autumn.
  • Meknes: This 9th-century medina once served as the nation's capital, so you can visit a royal palace and other historical locations.
  • Rabat: The capital city is simply stunning. It also has great weather all year long if you can't make it when the rest of the country is hospitable.
  • Rose Valley: If you want to get off the beaten path, then head here. Snow-capped mountains rise over pristine waters with rose gardens, fig-trees, and olive trees in between.
  • Sahara Desert: Sunsets over dunes leading to a full sky of bright stars. This is a must-visit place in any trek to Morocco.

Spending Money in Morocco

Even if you can finance your trip to this country because of profits made from cryptocurrency price increases, you can't actually spend it there. The country banned it all in 2017 and doesn't seem to be changing its mind anytime soon. The Foreign Exchange Office of Morocco officially states that it won't support hidden payment systems that don't have the backing of actual financial institutions.

When to Visit

Any trip to Morocco is worth it, but the best times to visit this nation are March, April, and May if you want to see it at its most gorgeous.

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