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French Polynesia Yacht Charter Guide

French Polynesia Yacht Charter Guide

Exploring French Polynesia by yacht charter is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. With over 118 paradisiacal islands to visit, and as many are entirely inhabited, visitors can expect to experience powder-white beaches, secluded coves and dream-like blue lagoons all to themselves. Enjoy afternoons catching the sun on a quiet beach, discover the beautifully diverse landscapes and dive down below for the enchanting underwater world.
Find out more about what to see and do on a yacht charter in French Polynesia - a destination that epitomises a tropical paradise unlike anywhere else in the world.

Bora Bora

The enthralling Society Islands are home to the picture-perfect land of Bora Bora and is the go-to archipelago for unrivalled glamour and natural beauty on a French Polynesia yacht charter.
Dominated by the verdant Mount Otemanu and bordered by a sheltered lagoon, Bora Bora's cruising grounds must be seen to be believed. Home to an abundance of wildlife, look out for humpback whales as they swim alongside the bow of your boat, or dive down and witness the colourful coral landscapes in the company of manta rays, sharks, and Napoleon wrasses.
Equally as enchanting, on land, hike past ancient villages to reach the volcanic summit of Mount Pahia for some of the most incredible views of the South Pacific. Or, enjoy the unrivalled luxury of the exclusive resorts that pepper the coastline, offering world-class dining in waterside restaurants and tranquil Polynesian spas.



Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia, home to the exclusive Leeward islands. The island chain is a verdant oasis surrounded by protective boundary reefs, turquoise lagoons and lush green island volcanic mountains.
The Tahitian Leeward Islands are arguably one of the world's best snorkelling and scuba diving areas, home to giant turtles, sharks, dolphins, rainbow coral, and countless species of tropical fish.
While cruising Tahiti's islands aboard a French Polynesia yacht rental, stop by the island of Huahine and visit the small village of Fare, where you will find a charming Polynesian village; a culturally preserved sanctuary dotted with sacred temples. Experience an island tour and get a bite to eat in the local restaurants. Enjoy fresh fish and exotic fruits prepared with a Polynesian influence and a touch of French cuisine.
The Heiva I Tahiti festival is also worth timing your French Polynesia yacht charter for, where locals participate in traditional events, including coconut climbing, fruit carrying races, and canoe races.


Tuamotu Archipelago

Lying approximately 300 miles northeast of Tahiti, the Tuamotu is the world's largest collection of coral atolls. These atolls are ѕраrѕеlу рорulаtеd and wоndеrfullу undеvеlореd, making a French Polynesia yacht rental here the epitome of a tropical island escape.
Rangiroa lies abоut an hour's flight from Tahiti аnd is known for its pearl fаrmіng, unrivalled diving, аnd its local wine, Vin de Tahiti. Make sure to take a slow cycle through Rangiroa village and explore its laid-back island life and impressive vineyards.
Diving and snorkelling, however, is the primary reason people visit Rangiroa. Thе 240 tiny islets, all below 3 feet in elevation and separated by 100 small channels, create a vast, crystalline lagoon. Whether you choose to snorkel, scuba dive or view from a glass-bottom boat, expect to see nurse, аnd grey reef sharks, red snapper, barracuda and Manta rays.
Celebrate your French Polynesia yacht charter adventure with a torchlit beach party barbeque set up by the crew, followed by traditional dancing at a secluded beach near the anchorage.



Just 30 minutes from the bustling Tahiti, Moorea is a place to relax, unwind and appreciate the unparalleled natural beauty.
To explore Moorea at your own pace and get a real feel for island life during your French Polynesia yacht charter, cycle Moorea's 60-kilometre coastline, stopping along the way to buy some tropical fruit, fresh tuna or an ice-cold coconut. Spend the morning visiting powder-white beaches, idyllic fishing villages, and local restaurants. Try the Poisson cru at Snack Rotui – the South Pacific take on ceviche marinated in lime juice and coconut milk.
Moorea's twin bays carve out its unique heart shape, and there's no better place to see this than at the Belvedere Lookout. The must-visit spot is Mount Rotui, towering above Opunohu and Cook's bay. Down below is the lush Opunohu Valley, where pineapple is grown in abundance.
Of course, no French Polynesia yacht charter would be complete without a swim with the black fin sharks, a surreal experience you will never forget.


If you are interested in discovering this island paradise by a luxury yacht, contact your chosen yacht broker today. 

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