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How To Plan A Luxury New Forest Getaway

How To Plan A Luxury New Forest Getaway

The New Forest is one of the largest remaining areas of unenclosed pasture land, heath land and forest in Southern England and it remains a habitat for many rare species of birds and mammals. It’s the perfect spot to get away from it all, and if you plan it right you can have an adventure packed holiday that will let you be at one with nature while at the same time pamper yourself with a luxury break.

Horse Riding

There are over 3,000 New Forest ponies roaming the beautiful landscape, so it seems only natural that one of the best ways to experience its beauty is on horseback. Enjoy a hack through the gorgeous scenery, or if you prefer you can book a carriage ride so that you can sit back and let the hills and trees roll right past you as you move through them.
If you own your own horse, there are even places in the New Forest where you can bring your pony pal with you and go on hacks through the woods together.


Forest bathing, that is spending time in the forest and using all five of your senses to connect with the landscape around you, is recognized as being an essential part of health and wellbeing. It has been reported as having the power to counter illnesses such as cancer, strokes, gastric ulcers, depression, anxiety and stress.
As the forest is so deeply linked with wellbeing, it makes sense that the New Forest is home to a huge range of spa hotels, dedicated to pampering you and helping you to feel renewed. Be sure to pay a visit to one of them as part of your luxury break.

Luxury Accommodation

There is no shortage of luxury hotels in the New Forest, but if you would like a more personal experience you could stay in one of the Luxury Lodges at Sandy Balls. The cottage style lodges are situated within a tranquil clearing in the forest, and they are in close proximity to the park's resident alpacas and nearby to the on-site spa.


If your idea of a luxury holiday means getting the adrenaline going, then taking part in some of the watersports that the New Forest has to offer could be just the thing. The New Forest is home to 43 miles of coastline, where you can go wakeboarding and waterskiing or you can enjoy the water at a slower pace with a sunset cruise.

Walking and Cycling

You don’t need to take part in any organized activities to appreciate the beauty of the New Forest. Just lace up your walking boots or hop on your bike and explore the many trails that the forest has to offer, while taking in the gorgeous surroundings and seeing if you can spot any of the local wildlife. If you head out at dawn or dusk then you might just be lucky enough to spot a roe or red deer, or maybe even a sika or a muntjac.

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