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Planning Your Luxury Trip to Florida

Planning Your Luxury Trip to Florida

Florida really does have something for everyone, no matter your budget. If you are looking for the height of luxury with your trip to Florida, this exciting state can definitely provide.

Tips Before You Travel

Book Ahead

Florida can become very busy during peak seasons, and if you’re planning on lots of trips out during your time in Florida, such as to popular theme parks and tourist attractions, booking ahead online is always a good idea for peace of mind.

Be Aware of Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Florida begins around the 1st June and continues for many months. It is essential to be aware of this before you plan, for your own safety during this time.

There are many ways you can help during hurricane season, too, including making a hurricane relief donation.

Check the Weather

Alongside the hurricane risk, it is also a good idea to check the expected temperatures for your trip, so you know what to correctly pack, such as extra layers or even a waterproof jacket.

Planning Your Luxury Trip

Think About Any Luxury Extras

You can find luxury anywhere, with the proper planning and research. For example, a trip to Florida’s Disney World may not scream luxury if you’re traveling with children during busy crowds, but there are many ways to make it a luxury experience. There are plenty of luxury resorts you can stay at, such as the Four Seasons, and additional extras such as queue-skipping tickets in advance means the whole experience will be infinitely less stressful. As mentioned above, you can also book your tickets ahead of time!

Upgrade Your Plan Tickets

The flight length from the UK to Florida can be long and draining for a lot of people. If you would rather fly in style with a lot more comfort, then consider splashing out more to upgrade your plane tickets. Business-class will give you a lot more room and comfort, and even first-class — if you are willing — can make your plane trip the ultimate luxury.

Pull Out the Stops with Your Accommodation

A trip to Florida provides a wealth of accommodation options, no matter your budget. Florida is awash with luxury hotels and resorts, or even private villas if that is what you would prefer. If accommodation is your main focus when it comes to luxury, then be sure to browse the wealth of options within this state for your ideal stay. You could even consider beachfront accommodation so that you are only a step away from golden sand, with luxury locations like The Ritz-Carlton. You will not be disappointed.

Research the Most Luxurious Locations

To make the best out of your trip, you want to live the high life while you are there, so you will need to research the ultimate stops to make during your trip. Hotspots like Miami Beach scream luxury, warmth and attraction, and you’ll also want to check out some of the top restaurants in the area to experience a luxury menu during your trip, too.

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