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Raising money for a holiday bonus

Raising money for a holiday bonus

Everyone wants a holiday. Sometimes it can be just too expensive, but it is easier to save money with a goal in mind. This article is a list of tips that can help you earn some money on the side, and hopefully you will be able to use that saved money to go on holiday in the not too distant future. 

Paid experiments

If you are near a university or just in a big city, then chances are you can participate in paid experiments. These can be both in person or online, although some experiments online will not pay you; if it is in person, you can be confident that it is not a scam.

These vary greatly in terms of content, but usually take up a couple hours of your time so that the researchers can observe how you would react in certain situations and games. They are often quite fun because it is something that you will not be used to doing.

Online transcription

If you are used to typing on a computer, then you should be monetising this skill. There are many websites such as Rev that pay people to transcribe audio files, and if you can type quickly then it can be very profitable. Make no mistake, the work is not particularly fun or fulfilling but if you can stick to it, then the tasks will accumulate quickly, and you will be earning money fast. An advantage of this is that the more you do it, the more used to it you become, the easier it is and your pay also increases with your experience.

Sports betting

This technique is less reliable than the previous two because you could end up losing money, but it is worth looking at sports betting for a way to make money. If you have not ever gambled, then set up accounts with lots of bookies so that you can take advantage of their welcome offers.

Welcome offers are very profitable and even an inexperienced bettor can make money with a bit of research and caution. Bookmakers want their customers to win their first few bets because an initial bad experience might stop someone from gambling forever. With this in mind, use the welcome offers from the best sites to your advantage.

Sell old stuff

It is almost guaranteed that right now, some clothes are sitting in your wardrobe just collecting dust. Be proactive and sell these clothes, and then go through your possessions looking for other things that you do not use or do not need, and you might have some lucky finds.

People often have old phones just lying in their cases doing nothing. These are worth money or can be used for passive income, so make sure that you are maximising your possessions already. You do not need to sell your favourite things but if you are honest with yourself, I am sure you can find some things to sell in your room or house. 

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