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Top Five French Restaurants in Dubai

Top Five French Restaurants in Dubai

By Ozair Akhtar

Whilst most countries like to boast about their own culinary delights and specialty fare, Dubai is not too proud to borrow and champion that of another nation.  The Emirate state is attracting some stellar names from the birthplace of the Michelin Guide such as the exceptional Maxime Le Van and multi-starred patisserie chef Pierre Gagnaire.  You are sure to find true French menu items such as escargot and frogs legs across its many delectable restaurants, bars and cafes.  Not sure where to start? Let us help you with our guide to five of the best.

Tel: +971 4 2170000 | Location: Le Meridien Dubai, Garhoud, Dubai

Delectable cuisine, French ambiance and grandeur make Café’s Chic one of the best French restaurants in Dubai UAE.  As soon as you enter the place, you embark on a beautiful French journey, surrounded by true French aesthetics, traditional décor and its culinary delights.  The staff within tend to help you through tend to your every need; from finding the right place for the right count, in menu selection and in keeping you facilitated until you are done eating.  Very close to a genuine French menu, items such as frog legs and escargots, you will experience a taste sensation like no other.  Don’t forget to keep room for some sweet French delicacies to wrap up your delightful dinner.

La Serre
Tel: +971 4 Bistro: 044286969 - Boulangerie: 044286966 | Location: Vida Downtown Hotel
- Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, UAE 

Confined with its finest French décor, delightfully spreading over to a two-storey building, La Serre stands out for its lavish French layout with Parisian Boulangerie and a Bistro.  For best breakfast, Boulangerie starts early morning with its light menu breakfast and freshly baked breads, viennoiserie etc. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner run within their timings but this food corner runs throughout the day.

For some flexible flavors, you can hit at bistro for some Mediterranean taste along with a vast variety of wines and mixed cocktails.  La Serre has a theme to follow with an uncompromised French taste – bringing food within its original culture, smells and ambiance to deliver the right taste across borders. 

Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire
Tel: +971 4 7011111 | Location: InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai Festival City

As soon as you walk in, a the unique and elegant French décor hits you.  Owned by a French chef, Pierre Gagnaire, this place is famous after his name and offers true French taste to food lovers.  The wow factor within reflects in is its menu such as foie gras, truffles and more of some mainstays of French cuisines.  Service at Reflect is another appealing factor as the staff is are well just rightly trained, and knows how to deal customers in French grace.  For scrumptious French sweets, Reflect Par Pierre Gagnaire is the best place. 
Fournil de Pierre
Tel: +971 044203070 | Location: Mohammed Bin Rashed, Stand point Tower | Emmar Boulevard, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Entering Fournil de Pierre is like hitting the absolute elegance in of French style.  The ambiance at Fournil de Pierre keeps customers intact to this place, converts them into regular customers.  Apart from its outlook, its menu is heart winning and once you try it, you can’t let it go.  If French style and food walk hand in hand, Fournil is the right place – a sheer combination of both.  It scores a record with its crepes dish, perfectly tuned into original French taste.

Entrecote Café de Paris
Tel: +971 4 2231000 | Location: Al Khaleej Palace Hotel, Deira, Dubai

Entrecote is unique for its one dish menu “Steak in an Entrecote Sauce”.  Although having a one dish menu is not for everyone, a deal for many but this is why Entrecote stands above in its place others.  Steak in an Entrecote Sauce is not commonly available and it drags in a huge fold of steak lovers to this point.  After this delectable steak, don’t forget to tickle your fancy with one of the desserts at this Cafe and Bars of Dubai.

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