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Sailing in Santorini

Sailing in Santorini

Santorini is the southern most island of the Cycladic group in the Aegean Sea.  This world famous island has a rich history pre-dating the Roman Empire and attracts a large amount of visitors to its shores each year for its fascinating collection of mountain scrambles and deserted hermitages.  Book a cruise with Santorini Yachting and allow yourself to be overcome by the radiant sun, smell of wild thyme and the stiff breeze blowing off the water.  With a surface area of 73 square kilometres and a population of 13,600 spread among 13 villages, it is safe to say the tiny island of Santorini certainly punches above its weight. 
Technological advances in the nautical world have come along in leaps and bounds since the Middle Ages and yet you still cannot beat the magical experience of sailing through the Mediterranean onboard a traditional Greek vessel.  Flocks of wooden boats fill the Aegean and the Ionian Sea and these descendants of the Byzantine corvettes are very much a part of day-to-day life in the Greek islands today, just as they were more than a thousand years ago.
With Santorini Yachting you will bob along the turquoise waters on board the Eleftheria.  This beautiful wooden Greek sailboat boasts plenty of space for you and up to 22 of your guests to relax and provides enough shaded areas for a reprise from the suns scorching rays.  Forget your motor powered yachts.  Go back to basics and you have yourself an adventure which is almost as pure and natural as the surrounding beauty itself. 
“Our boat is the S/Y Eleftheria, a 55-foot wooden built traditional Greek “Kaiki” or working boat.  The design is based on craft sailing the Aegean for over 2,500 years and offers comfort and space and the perfect sailing structure for the Aegean which has not been improved upon since the ancient Greeks mariners first sailed these waters.”
Romantic Getaway…
Santorini is the lovers’ choice.  With its narrow winding cobbled streets and beautiful collection of whitewashed houses and stunning blue cupolas, it is easy to see why.  Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, celebrating an anniversary or even embarking upon your honeymoon – the most romantic of the Greek Islands seduces both old flames and new, and is guaranteed to provide a special and memorable occasion all round.
The quaint village of Oia is Greece’s most photographed village and looks like it has jumped straight off the pages of your favourite romance novel.  If you want to impress your significant other then accept no alternatives.  Long popular with artists and writers, you are sure to receive the special VIP treatment in its exclusive selection of boutique hotels and luxurious range of restaurants, cafes and galleries.
“Santorini is probably one of the most sensational places in this world !! A crater connected to the Aegean Sea that you can sail into, white washed houses and churches on volcanic cliffs, that rise up from the sea around you, the Atlantis theory, all make this place a source of inspiration to anyone who visits.”
Sunset Cruise…
If you are staying in Santorini overnight then you will be sure to catch the famous west coast sunset, followed by a romantic candlelit dinner overlooking the golden hues of the glistening surface.  Very few things in life will leave you feeling more special and privileged.  That is until you embark upon a sunset cruise travelling through the deep blue waters of the caldera.
It is possible to spend an entire day in one location and yet still receive more than a thousand unique perspectives as the vibrant and rich colours of your picturesque setting change with the position of the sun.  Alternatively, you can travel along the coast and visit the famous Red and White beach, the Hot Springs and the south bay on the volcano. 
Enjoy the intimate privacy.  While you are out at sea your only surroundings are the tranquil waters of the Aegean.  Eleftheria means “freedom, liberty and independence” and on board this boat that is exactly what you will receive.  A memorable journey with a sunset cruise will ensure your undying love for one another – and for this fantastic destination – will last for a lifetime.
“Every now and again, when things are just right images from the past appear, which make you feel how much energy this land has, and for centuries now, willingly and generously is giving to the thousands of visitors who arrive at her shores.”
Santorini is brimming with archaeological discoveries but none come greater than the village of Akrotiri.  During the Bronze Age, the island was inhabited by a small Minoan settlement however in the middle of the second millennium BC a volcanic eruption tragically wiped out the entire civilisation. 
An excavation project was started in 1967 by Spyridon Marinatos.  Since then it has expanded to cover 20 hectares and has uncovered one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean.  Much like the Roman ruins of Pompeii, it has been remarkably well-preserved and the careful recovery consists of frescoes, pottery, furniture, advanced drainage systems and three-story buildings that are well beyond their time.
Fantastic Beaches…
The two most famous volcanic beaches on this tiny island can be found close to the village of Akrotili.  Many visitors come to the Red beach in order to awe over the fascinating slabs of red and black volcanic rocks behind the tiny beachfront.  The second popular attraction, known as the White beach, is only accessible via boat or on foot from the Red beach and much like its neighbour, this small cove gains its name from the colour of the surrounding cliffs. 
Because Santorini’s beaches are volcanic you can expect to find red and black rocks and pebbles along the surface in place of the golden sands.  There are not many places in the world where you encounter the rare phenomenon of a black volcanic beach and while it may not be your typical sun and sand combination, Santorini is swarming with these exemplary little gems. 
“The colours of Santorini as seen from the boat are amazing.  Chocolate brown, rust red, yellow ocher, white and cream.  The Red Beach from the iron-rich sedimentary rocks in the cliff face towering above you, the White Beach with the porcelain cliffs, the Hot Springs at the old crater, surely a land chosen by the Gods!”

The sunset cruise is the most popular cruise in Santorini.  It combines almost everything there is to see and enjoy by sea on the Island.  The Red beach is known to be the best place for a swim on the entire island, due to the crystal clear waters and the amazing scenery.  The White beach boasts the white porcelain cliffs and the colourful surroundings, reminiscent of the volcanic explosion in 1650 BC.  The Venetian Lighthouse, the amazing Hot Springs, the unique Caldera of Santorini and the famous sunset of the Island.  All that accompanied with Santorini's finest wines and a BBQ meal while cruising in the Caldera. 
The other interesting cruise is to the close Island of Anafi.  An Island with only 250 inhabitants which is only an hour and a half from Santorini.  Anafi offers archaeological as well as mythological interest.
At the monastery of Panagia Kalamiotisa, there are ruins of a temple built as an offering to the god Apollo Aegletus.  Ruins can also be found at Kasteli, and most of the findings, such as the statues, are now located at the Archaeological Museum in Chora, (the main town) in an very small room housing these ancient findings.
With a cruise on board the S/Y Eleftheria you will be joined by a professional crew that are experienced in meeting your needs whatever they might be.  Fluent in Greek and English and with the knowledge to inform you of the sites and history of the island.

Captain George has better knowledge and experience in dealing with VIP clients than any other in Santorini.  His knowledge as expected, also extends in knowing the local seas and conditions, and is a guarantee in making sure that you have a safe and relaxing cruise.

For more information visit or contact George directly by phone on +30 6944 410017.

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