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Seven Reasons to Go on a Luxury Small Ship Cruise

Seven Reasons to Go on a Luxury Small Ship Cruise

Admit it, at one point you probably said you are bored of regular vacations that have a lot of downtime and leave you exhausted more than they provide rest. Well, if this sounds like you, charter cruises are the answer.

These cruises take all the nice things of a cruise, and do away with all the things people might want to avoid – big crowds, non-attentive staff, and no views for days while you get to your destination. And they’re a great way to explore some new places, so here are a few reasons why a luxury small ship cruise is a great idea.
It’s an Intimate Experience

A lot of people steer clear of large cruises because they’d rather not share their vacation with hundreds of strangers.

Well, a small ship cruise won’t have you dealing with that, because you’re sharing the ship with fewer passengers.

This does allow you to get an intimate experience because you aren’t “forced” to interact with others at all times. If you’d like that, though, you can always join organized onboard activities and see who you’re traveling with.
These Cruises Are Packed with Activities

The other thing people hate about large cruises is the downtime. Yes, shore excursions are all great, but getting from one point to another wastes a lot of time, and you don’t really have a lot to do. On a small ship cruise, that’s not too much of an issue.

The trips themselves and the destinations are organized in a way that you always have something to do. Whether it’s an onboard activity, or a shore excursion, or anything in between, you always have an option if you’d like that. If not, you can still relax in your cabin, which, by the way …
Cabins are All Luxury

On a large cruise, the cabins are made for you to be able to get some sleep when you feel like you need it, and you have to pick the right one. On a small luxury boat, the cabins scream luxury, and they’re made for you to feel like you’re in a five-star hotel every time you need a short break from things.

You can get yourself a single suite, you can get interconnecting suites if you’re traveling with family, and everything is tailored to you and your needs. And when you spend noticeable time in the cabin, this is an absolute must.
The Staff is a Pleasure to Deal With
With many of these small luxury cruises, you have as much staff as you have passengers. This means that the staff is extremely attentive, and in case you need something, you will probably get it right away.

Compare that to a massive cruise ship, where you have to actively seek out staff when you need something, and this is an absolute pleasure. And this ties in perfectly with our next reason, which is a tailored experience.  
The Experience is Tailored to You
Considering there’s oftentimes a staff member for every passenger on board, it’s rather easy for the crew to personalize the experience as much as you want to, and you would be pleasantly surprised as to how far they’d go.

If you’ve got any dietary restrictions or requirements, or you’d just like an adapted menu that works best for you, staff members will be happy to oblige. To add to this, if you’re traveling with a group, they’ll be able to offer and adjust any excursions and activities your group enjoys the most.

All of this combined makes you feel like you’re not on a cruise, but on a private excursion that’s made for you. And you’ll love every minute of it.
There’s Plenty of Spaces

This is usually a big part of the sales pitch for an ocean cr uise, but luxury cruises tend to have a lot of excellent spaces for you to spend time in. From lounges to exercise rooms, from infinity pools to spas, they’ve got everything.

The best part is the fact that not only do you have spaces where you can be alone and enjoy privacy, but there’s also no shortage of spaces for gatherings where you can spend time with your fellow passengers. You would be surprised at how many things a well-organized small cruise ship can have.
They’re Oftentimes All-Inclusive

We’ve saved the best for last, but picking the right cruise means that you’re getting an all-inclusive experience where the entire ship is at your disposal. You don’t just get personalized food – you get a dining experience where star chefs prepare your food. Those exercise rooms we mentioned? They aren’t just there for the sake of being there, they’ve got state-of-the-art equipment for you.

The goal with such a cruise is to provide everything you might need in the days you’d be cruising, at the absolute highest level. And oh boy, do they succeed with that. 


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