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Slocally – Experience Slovenia with Locals

Slocally – Experience Slovenia with Locals

Slovenia is an enigma.  Although a small country, it is packed with breathtaking natural scenery, opportunities for adventure and wonderfully welcoming locals, resulting in a charming destination of outstanding natural experiences.  And the best way to discover all of Slovenia’s charms is to join Slocally – a company that organises local activities and introduces its guests to an authentic way of Slovenian living.  In the company of people who love their homeland, travellers are taken off the beaten path and into a world characterised by hidden surprises and warm hospitality – a genuine experience of this wonderful country.
Slovenia the Slocally Way
To explore with Slocally is to enjoy a trip built completely around your preferences; with a focus on learning and exploring in the company of locals, each customer can fill each day with brand new and exciting experiences that go beyond the usual tourist landmarks.  By matching each guest or group with a compatible and extremely hospitable local member of the community and selecting a range of local activities, visitors can guarantee that with Slocally, they will enjoy a trip characterised by authenticity and passion. 
The company is owned and operated by Vesna Velišček.  Vesna, a historian and sociologist, (and originally from the village of Plave situated in the Soča River Valley) has long been passionate about both nature and travel.  It was whilst she was traversing the globe in search of experiences off the beaten path that she was inspired to help visitors to her home country discover an equally genuine experience of Slovenia, and she has combined her passions to create natural experiences of her homeland.  Not only are Slocally committed to providing exceptional experiences for its guests, they are also dedicated to sustainability and providing support for the local economy.
Seasonal Experiences
Slovenia is one of those wonderful countries that is always open to adventure, no matter what time of the year.  This allows Slocally to offer a range of seasonal activities, designed to always show the country in its best light. 
During the spring, Slovenia’s fields and meadows are blanketed in natural beauty.  Join Slocally in ‘the healing meadow’ and learn how to identify different aromatic and beautiful herbs (in the company of expert herb pickers) before preparing a medicinal herbal tea from plants of your choice – a rejuvenating taste of Slovenian nature.  The sweet toothed travelling in summer will delight in the chance to sample decadent local honey, produced by the protected Carniolan bee.  For those who prefer savoury flavours, the frtalja masterclass will be a truly appetising experience! Learn how to make this local dish that utilises the freshest herbs and ingredients. 
As the landscape begins to change in the autumn, what better time to undertake a walk through the fairytale region of Brda? Learn about the different tree species and enjoy the splendid views of traditional villages – this is Slovenian nature at its best.  Winter visitors need not feel left out – warm your body and spirit with a taste of Karst juniper brandy! Produced in the region for thousands of years, travellers will learn stories about production history as they sip on the delicious nectar.
Rent a Local
No one knows Slovenia better than its locals, and now you can tap into their unrivalled knowledge by ‘renting’ a local to act as your guide in to this beautiful country.  With a passion for the history, culture and beauty of Slovenia, you’ll be able to see the sights though their eyes and draw upon their unrivalled knowledge of the area they know and love.  Each local will take on board your interests or needs and then builds the experience around you, allowing you to see the country in a new light.   
In small groups of one-four guests, you will be able to discover the hidden secrets of the country, treading off the beaten path and into your local’s place of work, their favourite haunts and the places they know best.  On the six hour tour, starting and ending in Ljubljana, you’ll be able to discover such beautiful and inspiring destinations as Soča Valley, Vipava Valley, Goriška brda, Karst, Slovene Istria, Trnovo and Banjšice Plateau and the Baška Ravine, gaining an in-depth understanding of the stories and histories of each location.  Should you wish to rent a local for multiple days, simply let Slocally know your interests and travel plans and they can organise a customised itinerary of Slovenia for you. 
Herbal House
Herbal House is a family run house that offers two beautiful and unique herbal rooms. 
Hidden in the depths of the gorgeous Soča Valley, this incredible retreat is open all year round and is particularly well known for its fantastic views of the Korada, Kuk and Sabotin Hills and the sparking Soča River.  Highly attentive customer service is heightened by beautiful design touches such as an open fireplace and a range of hand-on activities for every season, including arts and crafts, cooking lessons and nature activities. 
Offering both a king and a queen size beds, along with two single beds Herbal House is an unrivalled option for hikers, cyclists, couples and families.  Guests get to sleep on herbs, (fern) whilst the shared bathroom (featuring both a shower and bathtub) offers complimentary herbal soaps and fresh towels. Guest rooms also feature beautiful handcrafted furniture, fresh Idria lace linen and non-allergenic herbal pillows, filled with sweet smelling hops, ferns and linden.  After sampling a delicious, complimentary breakfast, relax on the balcony with a book from the house library or breathe in the fresh air and explore your surroundings.  Run by a local family (who are experts in local herbs and vegetation) you will be introduced to the local culture and experience a stay characterised by comfort and well-being. 
Tel: +386 41 432 488
Skype: vesna_slocally

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