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The Beauty of Morocco

The Beauty of Morocco

Just an hour on a ferry from Spain is the fascinating country of Morocco.  The geography of Morocco is as unique as it is diverse, with Mediterranean beaches in the north, the legendary Atlas Mountain ranges and the scintillating Sahara in the South.  The rivers that flow down the Atlas Mountains offer beautiful lush river valleys.  The effect of invasions and colonial rule has certainly left its mark on the country.  Morocco’s history begins with the Berbers who inhabited country until Rome extended its empire to the region after defeating Carthage in 146BC, the influence of Rome is still apparent today via the Roman ruins at Volubilis.  The next and most obvious influence on Morocco is that of the Arabs and in particular Islam. French is widely spoken in Morocco, especially in Casablanca and it has its own local dialect-  this is no doubt the lasting influence of France who were the last major power to invade Morocco.

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and the economic heart of the region. The city allows for a relaxing holiday away from the tourist centres such as Marrakech or Fes.  Here the main sight is the King Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Morocco and the third largest in with world.  It has a beautiful interior complete with water features and a roof the opens.  The city itself is home to the modern fashion scene in Morocco.  The Maarif area of Casablanca contains stores that sell many global brands including Zara, Gucci and Armani.  The Casablanca twin centre features two sky scrapers; the West Tower forms part a shopping centre (the biggest in Africa) complete with a supermarket, restaurants and luxury boutique stores.  The East Tower contains the five star Kenzi Hotel.  If you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of central Casablanca then the Mazagan beach resort maybe just for you.  Located on the outskirts of the city, the resort offers fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean, a luxury spa, a golf course, fitness centre and even a casino.  The restaurants serve mouth-watering Mediterranean and Moroccan dishes as well as offering an extensive wine list. 

Fes is the spiritual home of Morocco and is famous for its ancient walled city.  It is the best preserved Islamic city in the whole of the Arab world and one of the great cities of History.  One of the most famous attractions in Fes is its medina.  In recent times tourism to Fez has increased simply because of the desire to visit the medina and its colourful markets. The Merenid Tombs provide excellent views of the Medina as well as the city and surrounding countryside.  A lot of the shops and restaurants have rooftop terraces providing a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy the city.  The Bou Inania Madrasa is an excellent example of Morocco’s beautiful architecture and is one of the oldest educational institutions in the world.  It is one of the few religious establishments in Morocco which allows Non-Muslim visitors.  Away from the Medina you will find the Villa Nouvelle district and the luxurious Zagora restaurant known for its classic Moroccan and International cuisine as well as its comprehensive wine list from local vineyards.  The best restaurants in Fes are located within the Medina, the Al Firdaous displays Moroccan art, belly dancing and music along with fantastic cuisine and a homely service all located in an historic 15th-century aristocratic house.  The Medina The L’Ambre Restaurant located in the heart of Fez offers a fine dining experience, serving classic Moroccan cuisine and offering a spectacular terrace.  The L’Ambre is located at the world famous Riad Fes.  Here you can stay in the fabulous royal suite which offers a private terrace as well as panoramic views of the Medina and Atlas mountains.  A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house with a courtyard.  For accommodation outside the Medina, the Sofitel Palais Jamal is one of the best luxury hotels in Morocco and is as stunning architecturally as it is relaxing. The Sofitel boasts a Spa, health club, swimming pool, tennis courts and 24 hour room service.

Located not far from Fez are the Roman ruins of Volubilis.  Volubilis was the administrative centre of Rome in Northern Africa and was inhabited well after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Marrakech is located at the foothills of the Atlas mountains and shares many parallels with Fez.  It too has a popular Medina as well as a French Villa Nouvelle.  The Djemaa El-Fna, in heart of the Medina, is one of the more popular attractions in Marrakech.  Filled with musicians, dancers and food vendors at night and snake charmers and monkey shows by day, it is a fantastic experience.  One of the more expensive tourist attractions within Marrakech is the Majorelle Gardens, filled with plants from all over the world and well as the Islamic museum of art.  The El Bahioa and Badi palaces offer majestic views and underground passages to explore as well as the grandeur of being royalty. The Le Tobsil is a friendly and stylish restaurant offering fine Moroccan cuisine however if your looking for an exotic experience the Le Yacout is situated deep within the Medina and offers a number of settings including on a relaxing terraced rooftop in an intimate glassed in salon or in a lush cushion-filled main room.  The Al Baraka restaurant offers fine dining in a quaint little courtyard full of orange trees, musicians and belly dancers.  The Maison MK provides the perfect accommodation for the luxury traveller- this boutique hotel offers a gym, spa, designer pool, restaurant as well as only six rooms.  This small number means the whole Riad can be booked exclusively with one Grand Master Suite and a further five bedrooms.  The Dar Donat offers a contemporary feel with a an classic Moroccan decor.  Originally part of the Dar El Glaoui's palace and  with an exquisite lounge, beautiful pool and friendly staff, this hotel certainly does give you the impression of royalty.
The Sahara Desert is nothing but unique.  Here you can find a number of small desert towns such as Merzouga, Tata and Erg Chebbi to relax in the heat with a cool refreshing drink.  The most popular activities in  the Sahara include watching the sunset and sunrise, camel trekking through the majestic sand dunes, 4 x 4 drive adventures as well as a visit to the traditional berber villages.  In terms of accommodation you have the option of staying at a hotel such as the Haven La Chance, Hotel-Sahara and Hotel Yasmin or a more unique option of staying in a deluxe berber tent in an oasis.  The Sahara at night offers spectacular views of the night sky, the Hotel- Sahara even offers an astronomical observatory to view the night sky in its full glory.

Experience It! Tours’ MOROCCO

Morocco…a complex cultural crossroads of the Arab/Muslim world, the African/sub-Saharan world and the western, “globalized” world...the land of storytelling, spices, hospitality, and wonder! Although Morocco is more available now than ever before to travelers from all over the world, this exotic destination maintains an aura of mystery, which can prove daunting to the most experienced of modern travelers. Perhaps tales woven of mystical Morocco have enchanted you, perhaps you too have dreamed of experiencing this rich tapestry of culture and landscape…but don’t know where your story in Morocco will begin…

The Luxury Travel Guide is pleased to present Experience It! Tours, a family-owned, integrity-based company, which has helped travelers, realize their dreams of experiencing Morocco for over 10 years.
With offices and staff in both Morocco and the United States, Experience It! Tours provides authentic private, custom-designed tour experiences of the real Morocco for travelers of diverse ages, stages, and cultures.
Experience It! Tours selects the best in professional tour guides, private drivers, as well as high-quality, authentic Moroccan accommodation, excursions and cultural activities to create unique, tailored tours based on the travel styles and preferences of each individual or group.

Because of their extensive presence in Morocco, Experience It! Tours is able to maintain a high level of service accountability through personal relationships with their professional tour guides, private drivers, and accommodation staff.   If for any reason you have problems while in Morocco, you can be assured that our staff, who live in country will be available to help solve your issues.

Experience It! Tours advocates responsible tourism, with the end goal to provide the most benefit to all concerned. They are committed to integrity-based service, conducting all dealings with honesty and openness, and providing prompt and knowledge-based travel advice, specific to the Moroccan culture and landscape.
Experience It! Tours ensures that each traveler is well prepared to experience Morocco through direct communication with experienced representatives and by offering a wealth of cultural and travel guidance prior to each custom tour. Experience It! Tours provides on-the-ground support through the duration of each tour, providing an ambiance of security, confidence, and enjoyment to each traveler.

Whether you are a veteran traveler returning to Morocco or a first-time traveler dreaming of exotic destinations, Experience It! Tours will create a travel experience unique to you, your budget, your dreams…your trip of a lifetime! Let your story in Morocco begin…

Just Some Of The Tour Options Include;

The Imperial Holidays Tour enables you to discover the secrets of Morocco’s Imperial Cities in a matter of 8 days, while enjoying the best in colorful and romantic Moroccan accommodation! Visiting the ancient medinas and markets of Fes and Marrakech, Casablanca’s famed mosque, and Rabat, home to Morocco’s King are highlights of the Imperial Holiday experience.

The Classic Morocco Tour is an 11-day exploration of the Moroccan landscape, from the alluring alleyways of the ancient Fes medina, to the red-earth Kasbahs and shimmering dunes of the Sahara, to the vibrant nighttime festivals of Marrakech! You will experience it all!

The Fabulous Fortnight Tour provides you with the luxury of losing yourself in the ancient cultures of Morocco…a 14-day opportunity to indulge in the “extras” on top of the Classic Morocco Tour highlights… the picturesque blue city of the North Chefchaouen, a traditional massage and spa treatment in Marrakech…days by the seaside in Essaoiura.

For more information and reservations visit or email

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