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The Beauty of Porto

The Beauty of Porto

Known as Portugal’s second city, Porto is located in the north and was a crucial place in early Portuguese history. Originally owned by the Moors, the land was reclaimed back to Portuguese hands in 1,000 AD and served as the site of a newly-created Portugal.  The city is now a vibrant place of colourful buildings built on top of a hilly landscape.  The birthplace of famous adventurer Prince Henry the Navigator, Porto contained one of the largest ship ports which led to a rise in their trade and economy, particularly in wine.
The wine trade has been long-established in Portugal, with wine first being produced in the 13th Century in the Douro Valley region.  Centuries later the wine would be transported from Porto to England, particularly more so when England was at war with France.  During this time, a new process was added to the production of wine where brandy was used to give a sweeter flavour.  With this improvement popularity flourished and now they are a variety of wine cellars that are decorated wooden barrels containing the sweet, dark red beverage.  These cellars allow guests the chance to taste the aromatic, vintage Porto wine and learn more about the process of producing good quality wine.
The city is divided by the Douro River, a wide turquoise natural beauty.  An iconic centrepiece of Porto, many companies offer cruises that sail along the river for passengers to gain an incomparable tour of the city and its surrounding areas of the northern region.  Along the river are multiple bridges that have been constructed over time, allowing visitors easy access of all the areas of Porto.  The bridges provide a great position to take in the wonderful sight of Porto’s beautiful scenery, covered with terracotta roofs.

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